5 Innovative Ways To Style Rugs For A Modern Home

5 Innovative Ways To Style Rugs For A Modern Home

5 Innovative Ways To Style Rugs For A Modern Home

A rug or a carpet, the base of a beautiful space, can add a dash of luxury in an instant. When planning to buy a rug for different rooms of your home, opt based on your budget, the footfall in the room, the colour scheme of the interiors, and also, the size of the room.
MakaanIQ lists five innovative ways you could style your carpets or rugs that are not heavy on the pocket:
Layer them

Shine Rugs(Flickr/Shine Rugs)

One of the hottest design trends that is doing rounds in the global home décor arena, you could layer two or three different rugs and make a beautiful colour scheme. In case your room is already carpeted from corner-to-corner, add a de-shaped rug where you have placed your furniture. Layering adds a three-dimensional look the moment one walks into the room. So, no matter whether you are a trendsetter or not, this design and style will surely be worth an applaud.
Pick a pair or two

Abdulla Al Muhairi(Flickr/Abdulla Al Muhairi)

You could also pick two or three solid-coloured rugs. Place them side-by-side to create an abstract look. You could also place them at different angles to add a dash of creativity. Several smaller and affordable rugs can be paired together that will fit in your budget as well.
Turn them into wall art


Go the unconventional way! A beautifully designed carpet does not only add beauty to your room when placed on the floor but can also turn in to a work of art when hung on a wall. In case if you have an old carpet but haven't used it yet, hang it on the wall to give your wall a makeover instead.
Garden stepping stones


If you have a beautiful garden which needs an extra touch of stepping stones, then you could buy some quirky rubber or plastic mats that could add to the beauty and also, ensure that you don't carry the dirt into your home.
Paint your floor mat


Paintings are always seen on your wall but how about placing them on the floor, too. But a neutral-base carpet and bring out your creative side. Paint this carpet with your imagination. Go abstract, paint a scenery or even just a splash of colours, all could just bring the carpet and your room to life.

Last Updated: Tue May 24 2016

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