5 Innovative Ways To Use Your Balcony

5 Innovative Ways To Use Your Balcony

5 Innovative Ways To Use Your Balcony

Balconies are a favourite area to relax in and enjoy the weather. But it can sometimes be the most underutilised area of your home. So, how about transforming our favourite balcony into a breathtaking outdoor space?

MakaanIQ lists five innovative way in which you can transform and use your balcony:

Comfortable sitting area: Create a relaxing sitting area by placing big pillows, recliners, wooden chair and a coffee table, or a bench seating. But, if your balcony is small, you can hang hammocks, place foldable chairs or cozy cushions.

 dreamstime_m_26841605(Dreamstime/Claudio Balducelli)

Install a balcony bar: Do you have a narrow balcony that does not have much room for furniture? Install a bar instead. This can be used to place your tea and breakfast tray while you enjoy the beautiful view from your balcony.

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Add plants: To add a dash of colour, place some beautiful plants and flowers of different colours and sizes. Stylish planters and hanging pots could be used to make the area look more attractive.

dreamstime_m_34011259(Dreamstime/Dmitry Ersler)

Kitchen garden: Have a green thumb and want to grow your own veggies? Along with other plants, plant some veggies, too. Bring in the seasonal ones. But make you sure you take good care of them.


Outdoor kitchen: For people who have spacious balconies, this is one of the most exciting ways to transform the area. Install a fully integrated barbeque or an outdoor kitchen. You could host some barbeque parties for your friends and family.   

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