5 Decor Ideas To Deck Up Your Balcony

5 Decor Ideas To Deck Up Your Balcony

5 Decor Ideas To Deck Up Your Balcony

Living in city apartments, we all crave for an outdoor space to relax even if it is a small balcony. If you are privileged to have a balcony, big or small, in your home, you must make the most of it. Do not just stop at having a set of outdoor chair and table, spruce it with some interesting decor ideas to make it a cozy, welcoming corner. MakaaniQ lists five ways in which you could deck up your balcony.

Balcony garden


Add to your balcony some colourful planters filled with plants with small flowers. You could install these planters on the wall, the railing and on the floor. You could also install a stand on one the walls of the balcony and create a small kitchen garden. This will add freshness to your balcony.

Stylish seating

Balcony seating

Want to move away from the boring chair and table combo? Pick from interesting outdoor furniture to add a dash of fun to your balcony. A hammock or a teardrop-shaped chair or a swing could make your balcony a welcoming space along with adding beauty to your home.

Green carpet

Green carpet balcony

What if you can’t have real grass in your balcony up high? You could now install artificial grass carpet in your balcony to make it look like a complete garden. This would also add the aesthetic appeal to the space.

Window treatment

Window Treatment

Have a window balcony? You could still make the balcony look attractive from the outside. Along with adding some plants to the railing, you could give the window a beautiful treatment using awnings, blinds, or roman shades. Find these in bright colours or prints depending on your taste.

Bright upholstery


Brighten up the balcony by adding some colourful upholstery. Colourful cushions, bright rug and table mat, following a colour scheme for your outdoor decor. Relaxing yet fun, these colours could uplift your mood in an instance.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 25 2019

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