5 Innovations That Will Change The Way You Clean

5 Innovations That Will Change The Way You Clean

5 Innovations That Will Change The Way You Clean

Cleaning is one of the most tiresome jobs that one has to do at home. But there are some new-age scientific innovations that are making the work relatively convenient and quick for you. They allow you to save time and energy for other productive activities when you employ these smart technologies as your cleaning agents. 

MakaanIQ lists some of these innovations that can transform your home-cleaning routine:

Robot vacuum cleaner

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They are not like Rosie from Jetsons, but these robot cleaners will vacuum-clean your entire house without any external help. Watch them find their way around the house as they make your home spic-n-span in no time. The latest in the market can also help you deep clean your home. For instance, Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner, it works on stubborn stains in your home, especially on the carpets. All you need to do is to place the cleaner over the stain and let it do its magic.

Ozone vegetable and fruit cleaner

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Most fruits and vegetables you get from the market have a lot of pesticides and insecticides on them which are impossible to wash off using water. Ozone purifiers or cleaners will help wash off all the industrial chemical that could otherwise be harmful to your and your family's health.

Air purifiers


Beneficial especially for people suffering from allergies, air purifiers purge the air off contaminants like dust, pollen, second-hand tobacco smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  

Automatic floor scrubbers


Much like robot vacuum cleaners, these scrubbers are guided by a computer and can mop the entire house without human intervention. Not just big ones, smaller scrubbers are equally handy. These allow you to work on stains on your bathroom and kitchen fittings, an area that we tend to ignore.

Robotic pool cleaners

Pool preparation(Wikipedia)

Do you own a swimming pool at home but have been postponing cleaning it because the process is cumbersome? Well, there are several cleaners available in the market that can come to your rescue. These cleaners scrub the floor, the surface, and cleans the entire water in the pool. They work without a hose or any cumbersome wires. 

Last Updated: Fri May 19 2017

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