5 Ingredients To A Perfect Kitchen Pantry

5 Ingredients To A Perfect Kitchen Pantry

5 Ingredients To A Perfect Kitchen Pantry

Every home needs a kitchen pantry for an organised kitchen. But, sometimes with internet full of many design ideas, may confuse you. 

Fret not! MakaanIQ shares five key essentials you should keep in mind when designing an effective pantry: 

Place it right

Location (youtube.com)(YouTube)

It is important to have a pantry close to the place where you cook. You would not want to run through your house to reach the right spot to grab any particular ingredient while you are cooking a meal. Also, it should not be in a direction where it hinders the flow of kitchen traffic. 

Right direction

pantry door (flickr.com _redazadi)(Flickr/redazadi)

Opt for a door that opens on the outside. This would ensure more space for storage in the pantry. But, definitely consider the space outside for the door to swing. Usually, sliding or concertina doors are ideal for pantries as they are space saving and easily movable.

Store them well

Storage (geograph.org.uk)(geograph.org.uk)

Getting the right storage is another important thing to consider. Create storage spaces keeping in mind the types of groceries or things you want to keep in the pantry. For instance, for large-sized storage boxes with more height, you will require cabinets and shelves which can accommodate them. If you have a floor-to-ceiling storage, then keep a ladder or a high stool to fetch things kept on a height. 

Light it well

lights (flickr_ chalon handmade)(Flickr/chalon handmade)

A pantry should be well-lit, given that when the door closes its a small room with no windows. Make sure you have adequate lights in the pantry and the light switch should also be easily reachable.

Use that free wall

free wall (dreeamstime)(Dreamstime)

The free wall space can be used for different purposes. You could hang some hooks for aprons or some utensils. You could also keep a chalkboard wall for listing your groceries that need a refill. A calendar or a planner with important dates and events could also be helpful for your entire family.

Last Updated: Wed Jul 20 2016

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