5 Indoor Plants That Will Add To The Beauty Of Your Room

5 Indoor Plants That Will Add To The Beauty Of Your Room

5 Indoor Plants That Will Add To The Beauty Of Your Room

A touch of green gives the décor of your home a fresh, pure and lively feel. Keeping indoor plants improves the oxygen content in the area and also adds to the beauty of your home. If you like to add these greens to your home décor, then do consult your gardener or the plant nursery supervisor to know the right way to protect and grow them. Also, if you are confused about the best indoor plants for your home, here are some of them:

Areca palm

arcea palm(Dreamstime)

Areca palm is one of the most common indoor plants used as home décor. It is scientifically known as Chrysalidocarpus lutescens. The plant also serves as an air purifier and keeps diseases at bay. You can keep this plant in your living room near the side tables for a green feel.

Care: Areca needs moist and well-drained soil. Water the plant as soon as it gets dried. The container should have drain holes to remove excess water.

The Boston fern

Boston_Fern_(wikimedia commons)(Wikimedia)

Boston fern is another easy-to-maintain houseplant which is commonly found in most households. It is preferably hanged from baskets as they can grow up to a height of five feet. However, if you do not want to hang them, then you can keep them on a small wooden side table.

Care: Boston fern requires indirect light and a cool and humid place.




Ficus is an indoor plant which has shiny leaves that can add beauty to your home décor. The stems of the ficus plant can be braided to make a topiary effect.

Care: Ficus plant needs bright filtered light and is planted in dry soil. Watering them in between is essential and required.

Baby rubber plant

rubber plant (skillshare.com)(skillshare.com)

Baby rubber plants have cupped leather leaves which give an aesthetic appeal to your home décor. You can make a small rubber plant by pruning the long stems of the rubber tree. The green leaves of a rubber tree have a shine that adds to the charm of the room.

Care: Baby rubber plant blooms repeatedly and requires indirect sunlight. Repot them after two to three years to let it expand and grow well.

Heart-leaf philodendron

heart-leaf philodendron


The heart-shaped leaves of this plant look beautiful and add a green touch to your home décor.

Care: The plant needs indirect sunlight and grow well in standard room temperature. Do not keep the soil constantly wet; however, keep watering them in between. 

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