5 Global Concepts That Indian Real Estate Can Adopt

5 Global Concepts That Indian Real Estate Can Adopt

5 Global Concepts That Indian Real Estate Can Adopt

Housing is a challenge that India is taking heads on right now. From providing liveable spaces to Housing for All and from energy-efficient homes to space-efficient homes, each of these has caught our attention. MakaaniQ lists five such housing concepts that will help India to answer the housing challenge that it faces at present.

Tiny homes

Tiny homes, as we have talked about earlier, allow home buyers to have a house that is space-efficient. Viable for a single or couple dwellers, these homes are just enough for you to live with the minimum. One of the biggest advantages of India adopting this concept is that it can help fulfill the Housing for All by 2022 dream. Given that these can be constructed on a small plot, it will give room for more to be constructed in a given space.

Container homes

From just fulfilling a necessity of housing, container homes have come a long way. People are now developing and exploring them as a piece of architecture too. But, there are certain housing challenges that these container homes can resolve. These can be a great form of low-cost housing where dilapidated containers are refurbished and transformed into a living space. Given their shape and the actual purpose these were manufactured for, these homes are movable, too. Moreover, in case of calamities, these can be easily set up to house the displaced and also, a strong shelter.


This is a concept which has been prevalent in India for ages. Here various families live in a large single housing space. This promotes community living as also sharing of common spaces and amenities. While this kind of living spaces are found in villages and Tier-II & Tier-III cities, the need is to replicate this kind of living in metros as well.

Capsule apartments

Another form of tiny homes are the capsule apartments. A common sight in China, the highly populated country that faces space constraints and high rents, these apartments are space efficient. Largely occupied by single dweller, these apartments are all about the basics. They are a part of a larger space that houses common spaces, while the apartment only lets you have a good night's sleep.

Green roof homes

India, apart from homes that are space efficient, also, need homes that are energy efficient. Row houses that are commonly found in India can be transformed into homes that help you breathe the nature. Green roofs are the answer here. These roofs keep the home cool, and let's the owner grow their own vegetation.

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Last Updated: Tue Jul 10 2018

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