5 Houseplants That Are A Perfect Fit For A Small Apartment

5 Houseplants That Are A Perfect Fit For A Small Apartment

5 Houseplants That Are A Perfect Fit For A Small Apartment

Houseplants bring in the air of freshness to your home along with making your home look bright. Also, these are known to create a positive impact on the your and your family members' health. But, in today's time when a majority of us live in small apartments, placing houseplants that are elaborate or grow on sides, may make the home look cluttered. To remedy this, MakaanIQ lists four houseplants you could bring to your home even if you have a space crunch:

  • Ponytail palm


As interesting as its name, Ponytail Palm plant gives your home a bright appeal. This plant can be grown indoors as has the quality of storing water and doesn't need continuous natural light. This plant will grow in length and little on the sides, just like a girl's ponytail. The height of this plant ensures that it is adding to your decor without taking too much space. Also, cut it from time to time to ensure it doesn't grow too much on the sides.

  • Ferns



Ferns are a perfect option when you have a limited space at home. There are different varieties of ferns. Few ferns grow upwards adding height to a space whereas few like to drape. The latter one can be placed in hanging baskets adding an aesthetic appeal to your home and cutting on the space they would otherwise use when placed on the floor. Ferns are great for bathrooms as they grow well in areas with high humidity.  

  • Garlic greens


Garlic Green is a great option to plant in the indoors. It is known for its cancer fighting ability along with other health benefits. This plant is easy to grow and can be planted in a small pot taking less space. Within few weeks, the shoots grow, so make sure that you trim the height from time to time. You could also collect the cloves for replanting.

  • Ginger


For planting ginger plant, all you have to do is sow a piece of ginger in soil and place it in a container. Now place the container away from direct sunlight and wait for the new growth. The great part is that this plant can be regrown in the same pot again and again without dedicating too many pots or space to grow it.

  • Cactus
Cactus is one the best houseplants for a home which has limited space. This plant doesn't grow quick, and is available in wide variety of sizes. Thus, taking up small space if you buy a small cactus plant. Moreover, it requires little amount of water to grow and a continuous daylight. So, place it near windows from where it can get good amount of sunlight. 
Last Updated: Tue May 10 2016

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