5 Home Maintenance Tips To Save Energy And Money

5 Home Maintenance Tips To Save Energy And Money

5 Home Maintenance Tips To Save Energy And Money

Temperatures is on the rise and sitting in a room with the air conditioner is no longer luxury but need . In conditions like these, energy consumption rises with the temperature. This in turn leads to rise in energy bills. While we pay heavily, we are also impacting the environment with such high consumption of energy. However, there are certain hacks that could help you save on energy and the rising bills.

 Clean appliances

Appliances have a tendency of gathering dust. These dust particles over time make the appliance consume more energy to function and give desired results. Clean the vents and grates of appliances most used during this season, including refrigerator, exhaust fans, dishwashers and washing machines. It is said that cleaning the coils of the refrigerator could help reduce energy consumption by over 30 per cent. Hence, cleaning the vents would help increase the efficiency of the appliances.

Dry outside

How about making the most of the scorching sun? Give your washing machine’s dryer a break. Instead, dry your clothes in the sun, after you have given them a tumble wash.

Tip: Reduce heat generation in your home by using the washing machine during the evening.

Stop air leaks

Thinking why the air conditioner doesn’t work that great in keeping your room clean? Check for areas where air could leak from. For instance, open windows or vents, no door or curtains between two rooms, among others. All these small things could make your air conditioner work for long and not be efficient enough. Covering the air leaks could help you save an average of 10 per cent on your monthly electricity bill.

Better equipment

Want to save on water consumption, too? There are equipments available in the market that control the pressure of water being used. For instance, taps that only run for certain seconds and shut automatically or nozzles that lower the flow of water from taps, showerheads and others. These reduce water consumption by half for every use.

An eye on the air conditioner

The most-used appliance during summers is the air-conditioner. Maintaining it could help you save a great deal. A servicing session before the summers begin makes the appliance cleaner and efficient. This reduces energy consumption by 15 per cent.

Last Updated: Fri Jul 13 2018

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