5 Home Maintenance Skills You Must Learn

5 Home Maintenance Skills You Must Learn

5 Home Maintenance Skills You Must Learn

Home maintenance is an ongoing task given that property undergoes regular wear and tear. While we suggest you get a professional for heavy damages, there are certain flaws that can be fixed easily, and do not require professional attention. 

MakaaniQ suggests some maintenance skills that you should master that will help you in mending the things quickly and with no penny spent:


Do not go all out but learn skills for small problems that occur just anytime and cause sudden hindrance. For instance, clogged drains. The market is full of chemicals that can help unclog drains. Know how to use them and in what quantities.

Also, learn how to work on small leakages caused by a loose connection between two pipes. Keep the required tools with you and get over with the problem quickly.

Cutting water supplies

If there is a leakage, you should know how to turn off the water supply to the faulty connection to ensure that you can work easily. Know where the main valve of water supply is and shut the one that supplies water to the faulty connection before beginning any repairs. Also, flag this valve to ensure you don't miss on it when going back to turn it on.

Hangings on the wall

Some of us wait for the carpenter to come in for bigger repairs and then call for his help to nail the wall so that you could hang your favourite painting or a family picture. Why wait to decorate your home or depend on someone else to do it for you. This two-minute job can be done well if practiced carefully. Have the right tools with you. Also, to ensure that you are hanging it at the right level with the floor, you could use a mobile application to determine the same.

Resetting circuit breaker

Is there a sudden power outage in your home? Do not worry, this is what we say, "the circuit has tripped". This can be taken care of easily. Just a flashlight would do. Turn off the heavy appliances in your home. Then move to the circuit board of your home that supplies electricity to your home. Look at all the circuit breakers and see the one that has turned off. Flick it to "on" position. Still can't find the breaker that went off?  Switch all the circuits off one by one and turn them on again.

Cleaning air conditioners

No no! Do not get to the machinery part of the air conditioner. When the air conditioner in your home run for days together, as a practice, clean its mesh or the face of the machinery to clear the dirt that has accumulated. Remove the mesh, use a cleaning brush and brush off the dirt, if need be you could also wash this mesh with water. Do let it dry before you put it back. This will keep the air flow clean and make the air conditioner effective.

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