5 Hacks To Make Your Home Quake-Proof

5 Hacks To Make Your Home Quake-Proof

5 Hacks To Make Your Home Quake-Proof

Different parts of the world have been hit by massive earthquakes in recent past causing loss of many lives and leaving many homeless. First, it was Nepal in April 2015, and then there were many recurring earthquakes in the Hindu Kush Valley of Afghanistan, Pakistan, North India, Myanmar, East India, Japan, and now Ecuador. Some of these earthquakes jolted and brought down cities.

Earthquakes are difficult to predict and the damage caused can be irreparable. MakaanIQ lists some hacks you could implement to protect your family, your home and you from the damage caused by earthquakes:

Retrofit your home

Retrofitting your home means making the foundation of your home stronger, so that the base remains intact and the building does not collapse. This process also gives strength to the walls. It is necessary if your home is an old construction and was not built according to the earthquake-resistance parameters. This can be done in three ways -- foundation bolting, house bolting and cripple wall bracing. Retrofitting an existing building may cost up to 15- 20 per cent of the total price of the building.

Create a safe corner

Look for safe spots across your home and use them as your safety corners during an earthquake. You could also practise quake drills, especially if you have kids at home. This avoids panic caused at the time of emergency. The drill involves three steps -- drop, cover and be still till the earthquake ends. When selecting your safe spots, make sure that there are no windows or furniture near the corner as they could be hinderance to an easy access.

Fix the heavy objects

There are certain things at your home that can prove fatal at the time of an earthquake; keep them from falling or avoid keeping such things on a height. For instance, it is advisable to brace your water heaters with bolts, use child-proof latches to secure the furniture and, also, brace the heavy items against the wall. You could place your beds away from the things that can potentially fall, and windows.

Fix faulty wires

If there is any faulty electrical wiring or leaking gas line, fix it; it could cause a heavy damage at the time of an earthquake. Get a professional help. Also, it is advisable to install a flexible pipe to avoid any gas or water leakage.

Keep earthquake kit handy

It is essential that you have an earthquake kit handy. The kit should have basic items like water, food, matches, dry clothes and cash. Also include other essential items that your family might need.

Last Updated: Sun May 01 2016

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