Want To Build A Green Home? Opt For These 5 Materials

Want To Build A Green Home? Opt For These 5 Materials

Want To Build A Green Home? Opt For These 5 Materials

Looking at converting your home green or planning to construct a home that is sustainable? It is important to know that the material used to construct such a home is different from the conventional ones. 

MakaaniQ brings the list of eco-friendly material that you should be investing in for you green home:  


Bamboo, a member of the grass family, is one of the fastest growing plant. It is also strong and durable. These two factors put together, make it one of the most viable building material, too. Bamboo is water resistant, stronger than steel and has high flexibility.

Along with this, bamboo is also an affordable construction material. Bamboo is used for creating eco-friendly products for kitchen and bath, for flooring, electrical wire coverings and interior walls.

Reclaimed wood

Wood from demolished structures and damaged products is recycled and used in building construction. This reduces the need for cutting trees to fulfill the demand of wood. Reclaimed wood is highly durable when compared to the new ones as it is made of recycled plastic and wood fibre. The combination of two increases the strength of the wood. Though it can be expensive when compared to wood, spending extra money on it is justified as it is less toxic and lasts longer.

Recycled steel

The production process of steel itself has an adverse impact on the environment. Thus, the existing material is now recycled. The recycling process, when compared to the production, consumes 75 per cent less energy. Along with this, using recycled steel frees up the landfill space used by the scrap metal.

Straw bale

Straw bale is one of the most effective green building construction material. It is cost-effective and has the strength to withstand extreme cold or hot climate conditions. Its insulation is better than the regular wood and can be a material of choice for those who love a rustic look. The only disadvantage is that straw bale is not suitable for humid conditions.

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AshCrete is a great alternative to traditional cement. It uses fly ash, a by-product of burning coal. Use of fly ash is environment-friendly as it has low embodied energy. When compared to traditional cement, less amount of water is required in case of fly ash. Also, fly ash has great strength and it reduces crack problems, permeability and CO2 emissions.

Last Updated: Tue Jun 04 2019

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