5 Flooring Patterns That Will Turn Your Kitchen Into A Masterpiece

5 Flooring Patterns That Will Turn Your Kitchen Into A Masterpiece

5 Flooring Patterns That Will Turn Your Kitchen Into A Masterpiece

While designing your kitchen, your priority is to bring in the essentials, ensure safety and, finally, organise things well. How boring! Kitchens in our houses are generally Plain Janes when we compare it with the remaining parts. But, an interesting flooring can make your kitchen stand out and even compete in style with other rooms of your home.

MakaaniQ lists five flooring patterns that will make your kitchen stand out:

The old-school hexagon

Kitchen Hexagon(www.cybball.com)

Is your home designed on an earthen theme? This could be the pattern that would fit your kitchen perfectly. Add to your kitchen hexagonal terracotta tiles available in various colours. You could use one colour across the kitchen or be a little playful by adding a splash of bright-coloured tiles across the otherwise pastel spread.

Go symmetrical with herringbone

herringbone floor kitchnn(Flickr)

Herringbone is a pattern that is in vogue and looks just perfect. Set in a wooden flooring, this pattern, especially in an open kitchen, separates it from the living room. This pattern fits well in a contemporary home that has space constraints.

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Place them uneven

asymmetrical flooring(zandart.com)

There is beauty in asymmetry. Placing large marble tiles side by side asymmetrically can add a unique look to your kitchen which will only be eye catching. Want to be playful? Choose two colours and place these tiles alternatively.

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Shine like a diamond


Give your kitchen flooring a third-dimensional look. Paint your kitchen flooring and give diamond shape to it. You could use different hues of one colour to give it a desired look.

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Think outside the box


(Google images)

Another pattern can give your kitchen flooring a 3D look is tiles in a cuboid pattern. Place tiles that come in this pattern to let your kitchen look lively and modern. 

Last Updated: Fri Feb 17 2017

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