6 Floor Seating Styles That Ensure Comfort

6 Floor Seating Styles That Ensure Comfort

6 Floor Seating Styles That Ensure Comfort

Floor seating has been a traditional way of seating arrangement in Indian homes. Though with modern interiors and furniture, this arrangement was fading away, now, it is back and that too in style.

This easy-to-setup and easy-to-remove arrangement lets you use or create space depending on your need.

MakaaniQ shares some easy-on-pocket floor seating arrangements you could try for your home:


Bhaithak (fllickr)(Flickr)

Bhaithak is the traditional form of arrangement. It is often designed on a special platform with low-seaters, mats, pillows and cushions. Bhaithaks can be arranged both outdoors and indoors. It is the best arrangement when you have a get-together or a party at home.



Futon is a floor mattress that can be used for both sleeping or seating. These are easy to fold and are space efficient. The multi-functional floor seating arrangement are best for you if you do not have enough space and need foldable furniture.

Low-floor seating

bean bag(Dreamstime)

If you don't want to sit directly on the floor and need some height, opt for low-floor seating. Bean bags, ottoman and low-seaters are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. They are also good for comfortable seating and can easily be moved from one room to another.

Cushions & pillows

CUshions and pillows(Dreamstime)

For comfortable seating, arrange colourful cushions and pillows around the coffee table in your living room. Use cushions and pillows of different sizes, which suit your decor and also offer comfort. This seating arrangement can also be used as a low-floor dining.

Colourful rugs


Spreading colourful rugs in the room and assembling cushions and pillows on them can also be an interesting seating arrangement. Add plenty of pillows to make the seating cosy and comfy. You can also use this area for indulging in hobbies such as reading or playing your favourite musical instrument.


mattress cum bed(Dreamstime)

Re-use an old mattress and create a sitting in a form of a sofa. It will be more effective against a wall and can act as a fixed or a more stable seating area in your home. You can also use this as a day-bed. Adorn it with colourful cushions or pillows.

Bean bags

Floor Seating Bean Bag

These are the coolest ways to give any room a compact seating space. Easy to move, you could sit anywhere you would want to in your home. Also, available in various shapes and sizes, pick a special one for every member in your home. 

Last Updated: Wed Aug 16 2017

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