5 Facts About The Upcoming River Beech Tower

5 Facts About The Upcoming River Beech Tower

5 Facts About The Upcoming River Beech Tower

Chicago, the US city that hosted world's tallest tower from 1974 to 1998, will soon be a record holder of world's tallest timber tower, too. The 80-storey tower named River Beech Tower is conceptualised by architect firm Perkins + Will.

Here are five things you should know about the project:

Adorning the riverfront

The concept is a part of the larger masterplan to develop the riverfront of the River Chicago. The plan, which was unveiled last month, will bring about mega development along the riverline.

A workable concept

The architects at Perkins + Will are at present working on the technical possibilities of how the design can be constructed.

The core strength

While there have been concepts of constructing tall buildings made of timber, this tower with 80 storeys is the highest ever. The team at Perkins + Will has created a workable system that would use the core strength of timber. The structure would have an exterior diagrid system that will take the advantage of the natural axial strength of timber. And, these diagrids would be connected to the internal cross bracings that would help the building take its vertical and lateral loads. The internal cross bracings will skirt the central atrium, ensuring efficient load distribution.

Live in the woods

The 80-storey structure would have 300 duplex units and multi-storey communal spaces.

A social & sustainable structure

The structure that will be a perfect mix of private and public spaces will be carbon neutral.

Last Updated: Thu Nov 10 2016

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