5 DIY Decor Tips For A Traditional Christmas

5 DIY Decor Tips For A Traditional Christmas

5 DIY Decor Tips For A Traditional Christmas

These days, there are many options available in the market to deck up your home for Christmas. However, nothing beats handmade retro decorations to welcome the festival. Let us see how to keep the decorations traditional by doing it yourself this Christmas. 

Pinecone Christmas tree

pine-cone-christmas-trees -diycozyhome (1)(diycozyhome)

The little trees add to the rustic look to your Christmas decorations. These are the most simple Christmas decorations to make and they look great too. Keep these miniature trees on the dining table, mantel or just place them anywhere around the house. Decorate and paint the trees as you like. It is also a great way to involve children and keep them busy with a creative activity during the Christmas break. 

Christmas wreath

wreath - hoomrun.com(hoomrun.com)

A Christmas wreath on your front door is another decoration that you can easily make. Ribbons, wood, bells and burlap, are some of the different materials that you can use to make one. For a simple burlap wreath, take a wire wreath and few rolls of burlap. Pull a loop of burlap through different holes of the wreath and use the squish and twist method. After all the loops are made, lock the burlap. Once the wreath form is completely covered, fluff the burlap loops hiding the whole wire. Decorate the wreath with ribbon, bow or any other decorative material.

Christmas stockings

stockings - dreamstime(Dreamstime)

Stockings are an essential part of Christmas decorations. They are simple to make and can be hung at your mantel easily. Choose any fabric or texture from which you want to make the stockings. Firstly, create the shape that you want and draw it on a piece of brown craft paper or paper bag. Fold the fabric in half, side-to-side, and cut it in the pattern. Pin the two sides of the fabric together and stick them through glue or sew them. Fold the cuff of the stockings and embellish them any way you want. Tie loops at one end to hang them.

Christmas topper

tre topper - dreamstime


Topper is the most beautiful feature of the Christmas tree. The accessory not only beautifies the Christmas tree but is also an interesting DIY décor idea. They can be made with different materials and varied styles. A wooden topper, a topper with a glossy and glittery style or a golden starburst, you can prepare and choose from any style you like the most.

Christmas advent calendar

calendar - pixabay.com(Pixabay)

Advent calendar is a special calendar which is made to count the days of advent in anticipation. For a different style of an advent calendar, you can make small bags of each day and hang them in the main calendar. Use these small pockets to hide candies or small gifts for the kids.

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