5 Design Tips For A Perfect Bohemian Look

5 Design Tips For A Perfect Bohemian Look

5 Design Tips For A Perfect Bohemian Look

This year is all about the mix and match and going raw with your interiors. If you are a person who loves to explore the unconventional way of setting up your place then the bohemian interior setting is the best way to give a little character to your living space.



Walls are an integral part of any living space, as they create a base for all the settings, so you can experiment in a number of ways with the walls by putting a wallpaper of different patterns or you can also try by making one wall of old bricks which would definitely give your interiors a raw look.

You can also decorate the walls by putting random things which are available with you, like an old painting etc. and make sure these things do not match with each other to attain the boho look. You can also put an old window frame as a display above your bed.



You can go till any extent while experimenting with your upholstery for the raw bohemian look. This requires a very minimal cost as all these things might already be available with you; you just need to use your design sense to get the semblance. For example, rugs with tribal prints and curtains with big and bold patterns and colors can never go wrong.

Bohemian style often resembles some cool eastern interiors for e.g. - Moroccan, so enjoy bright colours and patterns if you like them. And a low sitting arrangement with different color cushions is also a great idea for your upholstery.



Plants contribute majorly to the Bohemian set up. As they add a lot of character to the tribal vibe of the space. Leafy décor hanging from the walls on a white wall above the bed can look very tribal and marvelous.

Also, plants kept in the corners of your living space are also a good option.

Create your personal corner


There are many ways of doing so; according to me, the best way is to place your old guitars on the wall which can give it an instant exquisite look. You can also try and place antique mirrors on one wall and hang some greenery around.

Likewise, colorful paper lanterns are also a great idea for representing the free-spirited boho look. Even dark grey or black walls can provide a good base for random things.



Curtains play an important role in changing the entire ambience of the place. So go for bold colours and prints and even the fabric can be experimented with. Crochet curtains can help. So make sure you go for bold patterns and mixed designs.

The style is diverse as the person who creates it. Be particular about your style first and then try to incorporate it into your décor. And keep in mind; this is not the style for organized people.

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The article is authored by Retesh Sharma, Director, Zynna Furnishings. The brand offers a wide range of lifestyle furnishings for homes, offices, studios and hotels in India and worldwide. 

Last Updated: Mon May 22 2017

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