5 Décor Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Smaller (Hacks Inside)

5 Décor Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Smaller (Hacks Inside)

5 Décor Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Smaller (Hacks Inside)

Do you think your home looks too cluttered even after you have cleaned it well? Is there no room to move around? Do the rooms look smaller than they actually are? Well, look again, you might be making some home décor mistakes that are causing your home to look smaller.

MakaanIQ lists five home décor mistakes that make your home look small and suggests ways to rectify them:

Over-sized furniture


In our enthusiasm to decorate our home with furniture, we often forget we may be overdoing it. Keeping in mind the measurements of your rooms and limiting the sizes of various articles of furniture accordingly may be the right way to go about it. Also, do not stick the furniture to the wall; that makes the space look smaller.

Too many elements


Too many decorative or even too many wall elements make your home look small and cluttered. This practice also takes attention away from the decorative that deserve it. To make your home looks bigger and, keep the number of decorative pieces low.

Matching too much


Matching it all could make your room look monotonous and small. For instance, if you turn all the furnishing in your room into two colours or one single pattern, the room's actual space will start looking smaller. Add elements of colour to the room to break the monotony. For instance, if you have a bedding that is white and a throw which is black, add some bright-coloured cushions and pillows. But make sure you do not add too many cushions, as that could also make your room look smaller.

Dark walls


Dark walls or a dark-coloured wallpaper are a big no for a small home. These tend to make the room look darker and smaller. Opt for pastel colours such as pistachio, ivory, baby pink and lavender to make a room look bigger and brighter. If you still want to add a dash of dark colour, pick one wall in the room for that.

Mid-length curtains


Placing mid-length curtains cuts down on the height of your room and creates an illusion of a low-lying ceiling. To give your room height, install ceiling-to-floor length curtains. This will not only make your room look more elegant but also bigger.

Low lighting


Insufficient lighting can completely ruin the show. Using minimal light, especially an overhead lamp or a focus lamp, makes your room look dark and smaller. Have enough ceiling lights in your room, along with scones or pendant lighting. Use them judicially as and when needed to give your room a bigger and brighter look. You could also add a mirror to double the effect.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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