4 Creative Bookshelf Ideas For Contemporary Homes

4 Creative Bookshelf Ideas For Contemporary Homes

4 Creative Bookshelf Ideas For Contemporary Homes
Books are not only a reflection of your knowledge and taste, they also play an important role in shaping your home decor. (File photo)

You love your books and you want to preserve them the best way you can. This is where bookshelves come into picture. In fact, bookshelves and their contents are not only a reflection of a home owner's taste and personality, they are also a crucial part of his home décor. However, for those living in apartments where space is a problem, keeping bookshelves might look a bit difficult.

Here are ways in which you will be able to flaunt your book in your limited space:

Stairway to knowledge



Modern homes are small and we put in our best effort to ensure each corner is put to its best use. So, rather than using one of your rooms to fix a bookshelf, utilise the area under your staircase for the purpose.

Divided it stands



If you have comparatively larger room, you could use a divider bookshelf. This way you will be able to spit the room in two parts and use the twin units for different purposes. Your bookshelf would actually act as a wall, while solving its main purpose.

Open the windows



The space between the ceiling and the window in your home is often left unused. Why not install a bookshelf here and let your guests have a good look at your book collection. Placing a bookshelf here would also ensure you get to flaunt each book in your possession.

Tree bookshelf



A tree bookshelf is a piece of furniture that can add glamour to any of your room, while occupying minimal space. You can either attach it to the wall or place it in the centre of a room to break the dullness of the room.

Last Updated: Wed Jun 22 2016

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