5 Basics To A Balanced Room

5 Basics To A Balanced Room

5 Basics To A Balanced Room
Furniture placed against the walls doesn’t feel welcoming. (Dreamstime)

We all long for a room that helps us relax. This can only be achieved if this room is balanced. Balance, an important design principle, brings harmony to the living space.

Want to bring harmony to your living space too? MakaanIQ lists five ways in which you could bring balance in the design of your room:

Bright it is


The first step towards bringing balance to your room is the use of colours. List two or three colours that are pleasing to your eye. Distribute these colours evenly in the room so that it looks balanced. For instance, you could contrast a bold colour with a large pattern or use a bright warm colour with a textured blue colour is another option. This will add balance to the room.

Lay it out well

Furniture balance(Dreamstime)

After you have closed on the colours you would want in your room, move to the furniture. List the items you need in the room and remove the one's that you don't need. Create a symmetry within the room by intelligent furniture placement. For instance, you create a mirror-image effect by placing an armchair to the left and right side of the room. Make sure that the most frequently used items are easily accessible. Furniture placed against the walls doesn't feel welcoming. On the other hand, angled furniture creates a welcoming effect.

Make the statement


Many homes are high on placing heavy furnishings or decor in the rooms. To create a balance without removing them, introduce something simple on the wall opposite to a tall bookshelf. If you have placed a heavy sofa against one wall, then the opposite wall can have a simple small table.

Play with the height

Height Balance(Dreamstime)

The décorative in the room can be placed as per their height. You can keep tall pieces next to short pieces. Place three vases of different heights and create a balance by incorporating a large décor object on the opposite of the mantel.

Stay focussed

Focal point(Dreamstime)

Every room needs to have a focal point, a point that attracts the attention of everyone who walks into that room. So, when selecting a focal point in a room to be sure that it remains the centre of the room and rest of the room is decorated in balance on its left as well as its right. For instance, a fireplace mantle or a window with a beautiful view could be your focal point. Also, ensure that the entrance of your room faces the focal point.

Last Updated: Sun Aug 14 2016

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