5 Architectural Predictions For 2017

5 Architectural Predictions For 2017

5 Architectural Predictions For 2017

Futuristic is what is driving the world of architecture now more than ever before. Structures that will be functional decades later is what architects envision to bring forth. And, what will be designed and constructed now is what will define the future. It's time to imagine the needs and desires of the future generations and work towards turning them into a reality.
MakaaniQ lists five such architecture trends that will emerge in 2017 and will define the world of architecture for the next five years:
Green outdoor, green indoor


The need of the hour and also of the future is more and more green spaces. While all these years we have had to cut down the greens only to make way for concrete jungles, it's time to bring the two together in harmony. This trend is already being implemented and will be used in future more rigourously and innovatively. For instance, treescapers that are like living skyscrapers covered with greens or more structures like the headquarters of Pasona Group that are green inside and outside, too.
Another example is the upcoming hotel in Dubai that will host a 75,000-sq-ft rainforest indoor.
Bold in motion


A bold or a striking architectural feature will be introduced especially in the commercial spaces. Many office spaces will don some bold yet functional architectural features that will define the company and thus, will be completely exclusive, making it a signature product. This could be made using products the company specialises in. Moreover, such dynamic features will help stimulate minds, thus, increasing productivity and positivity.

This innovation could be put to use in the ceilings, staircase, workstations or a statement piece kept in the lobby.
Fusion of public and private spaces 


There has always been a "wall" between public and private spaces. This wall will soon be brought down as more and more mixed-use developments will come into being and also, community living is promoted among masses. Structures that are being constructed are now are self-sufficient, thus, providing dwellers with all possible private as well as public services in one place. For instance, structures that are producing their own energy, structures that are almost being converted into mini-cities that not just provide apartments but also community spaces, parks, indoor entertainment services, retail, health and even leisure, among others.
For instance, a mixed used property planned for the city of Amsterdam offers zero-energy apartments, has sailing school, has commercial space, along with a courtyard.
Sustainable building materials

green roof (wikipedia.org)(Wikipedia)

Sustainable structures will go a step further by using sustainable building materials too. To keep the nature intact and reverse the damage done to the environment in the process of setting up structures, the use of sustainable building materials that are derived from the Mother Nature will be used. Here are 3 Sustainable Building Materials For The Future.
Disaster-proofing the future

Tsunami proof gymnasium westport(TCF Architects)

While we can't predict what nature has in store for us, but the world of architecture will work towards protecting us from disasters created by it. More and more structures, not large but smaller in size, will be created in disaster-prone areas to protect communities. For instance, a disaster-proof gymnasium created at an elementary school in Westport of Washington. This structure will help in saving the people nearby from a tsunami caused by a predicted earthquake in the Pacific.

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