9 Sustainable Flooring Ideas

9 Sustainable Flooring Ideas

9 Sustainable Flooring Ideas

A key aspect of a well-designed home is a smooth and even floor covering. Generally, many Indian homes install marble and wooden flooring. But, if you are one of those who are bored of these basic floorings, MakaaniQ brings some interesting floor alternatives you could install:


Cork products are a smart choice to reduce the environmental effect. Such floorings are produced sustainably. The finish in such floors is important in order to ensure that it is water-resistant. Corks have a natural feature of being dents and dings' resistant. Cork floorings are best for modern spaces with a contemporary look.  

Leather flooring

Leather flooring is eco-friendly. Not just this it is a great way for giving a luxurious look to the home. Leather from old car seat covers and waste product from leather tanneries is recycled to make leather flooring options. It provides sound insulation providing warmth in the winters and a pleasant environment during summers. This will reduce the use of air conditioner in your room.

Reclaimed hardwood

If you want an amazing wooden floor without cutting the trees down, then go for reclaimed hardwood. This will give a traditional look to the home. The good part of the reclaimed wood is that it allows the modern houses to use oak, heart pine, hickory and chestnut which were used in the construction of buildings in the 1800's and early 1900's. Also, finding the quality of wood used in the old buildings is a difficult task in today's time.

Polyester (P.E.T) Berber carpet

Polyester (P.E.T) Berber carpet is another eco-friendly flooring options. This carpet is made out of 100 per cent recycled bottle caps and tires. Going for this carpet is a great way to use plastics. Also, this reduces the amount of non-biodegradable material in our landfills. The great part of using this carpet is that it is stain resistant. The only glitch with this carpet is that it is prone to shading and crushing.

Linoleum flooring

Considering style and budget, linoleum flooring comes out to be a good flooring option. The flooring is durable and is a perfect fit for the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms. The best part with this flooring option is that it is entirely biodegradable and is made out of resin, wood flour (a wood industry by-product), linseed oil, cork flour, ground limestone, jute fiber and pigments.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are made out of empty wine and beer bottles. This makes the tiles a perfect eco-friendly flooring option. The glass tiles have great aesthetic appeal and are very easy to maintain. It comes in different colours, patterns, styles and designs. These are perfect for adding grace to the bathrooms.


Bamboo flooring looks similar to the wooden floor but is has a greater moisture resistance and is hard-wearing. Also, bamboo forest takes only four years to completely rejuvenate after harvest. This makes it a good substitute for wood. Moreover, when it comes to style bamboo flooring is a great alternative to go for.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is generally used in industrial and commercial spaces for floors; however, it could be a smart solution for homes, too. Rubber floors made from recycled tires are ideal for laundry rooms. They are easy to clean, comfortable to stand and durable to use. Rubber floors can also be used in kitchen area as it will cushion the feet of the cook who has to stand for long while working in the kitchen.

Concrete floors

Concrete floor might not first seem to be a green flooring option. But it is a green option when you are using existing subfloor instead of going for a new concrete. As it is said that polished concrete has a minimal impact. One of the best features of these floors is that these are stain and dust resistant, thus, making them suitable for families with pets or people with allergies. These are well-suited for homes in hot regions, as these do not retain heat well and have a cold texture.

With inputs from Shweta Talwar

Last Updated: Mon Jul 10 2017

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