5 Abandoned Buildings That Were Given A Majestic Makeover

5 Abandoned Buildings That Were Given A Majestic Makeover

5 Abandoned Buildings That Were Given A Majestic Makeover

While some think they are haunted, some simply find them an eyesore among the other beautiful ones surrounding them. Abandoned buildings have a common fate of being brought down eventually. But, what if someone gives the ancient architecture a complete makeover? There are some architecture agencies that have been indulged in transforming abandoned buildings into majestic beauties.

MakaaniQ lists five such abandoned buildings that were given an architectural makeover and now are a centre of attraction:

The American Brewery, USA

The American Brewery(Flickr)

From an abandoned brewery to now a community space that welcomes one and all. Built in 1887, the American Brewery was the largest in the state of Maryland. But, it could only run production until the Prohibition in 1920. It was shut thereafter and eventually abandoned. Being a historic construction the building became a part of the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. More than a century later, in 2012, architecture agency Cho Benn Holback + Associates renovated the building and turned into a community space. From once a building that no one cared about, to a building that has won a 2010 Baltimore Heritage Preservation Award for Adaptive Reuse and Compatible Design.

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La Fabrica, Spain

La Fabrica(Wikimedia)

Here is a cement factory that was turned into an architecture company's headquarters. Located in La Fabrica, a city near Barcelona, until mid-1970 was a cement factory spread in an area of 33,368 square foot. It was built right after World War I. Later it was renovated by famed Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, who loved the building so much that he turned it into his company's headquarters. The USP of this structure was planting gardens around the premises and also on the rooftop. A green transformation to an otherwise abandoned factory.

Le Château de Rentilly, France


First built in the 1940s, the château has been given a complete modern makeover for everyone to walk through and enjoy. It was in 2014 that the château was renovated by French artist Xavier Veilhan and architecture firm Bona-Lemercier. Now, the château has a façade of polished stainless steel. This façade reflects the park sprawled infront of the château, making it an experience worth viewing for the visitors.

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St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, England

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel(Flickr)

This is a story of an abandoned train station which was transformed in to a luxury hotel. The train station that was constructed in 1860s today houses St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Designed initially by British architect George Gilbert Scott in the late 19th century, it was in 2011 that it was given another makeover. This new $185-million renovation was done by two British-based architecture agencies, RHWL and Richard Griffiths Architects. It is now a luxury hotel that welcomes its visitors with modern-day amenities and décor that has kept the Renaissance architecture alive.

Venetian-Gothic Water Tower, England

Venetian-Gothic Water Tower(Pinterest)

The story begins in 1877 when this structure was a Venetian-Gothic Water tower. Built in South East London, this structure later became Lamberth Hospital. After years of no upgradation, the building began to detoriate. It was in 2008 that Leigh and Graham Osbourne bought this property and transformed into a modern-day home still keeping its decade-old look. Now the home, named Cube, offers a 360-degree view of London.

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