4 Ways To Transform Your Master Bedroom

4 Ways To Transform Your Master Bedroom

4 Ways To Transform Your Master Bedroom

A perfectly designed master bedroom can be the ultimate space at home, to relax and unwind. This is a place which is exclusively reserved for you alone or a special person who you share the room with. So, if you are the kind of person who needs more privacy than other members of your family, it is time to remodel your master bedroom to make it more appealing and comfortable. However, before you begin, it is important to declutter the room and organise things to get the best results.

MakaaniQ brings you easy ways to transform your master bedroom into a private haven.

Luxury bedding and upholstery

This should be the first step to give your bedroom the look of a luxurious retreat. Go for a high-quality hardwood furniture accessorised with comfy upholstery, like a sturdy mattress, matching bedcovers and pillowcases. The right bed, which could be either a platform bed or a four-poster bed, is essential to ensure the much-needed relaxation. Make the right choice, depending on the size of the room. Select upholstered bedheads which are in trend these days, along with suitable rugs to be placed beneath the furniture. This is bound to take cosiness to a whole new level.

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Task lighting

Every bedroom requires different levels of brightness. For instance, soothing lighting for areas near the bed and bright lights around the wardrobe. Invest in some classy overhead fixtures, lamps and vanity lights to achieve the desired effect. Some window treatments can help in controlling the illumination in the bedroom. Wall-length drapes or blackout shades can be hung for achieving complete darkness.

Additional furniture

Add a spacious walk-in closet for organising all your clothes and accessories because a master bedroom is not classy if it does not have this feature. Complement the arrangement by including full-length mirror, nightstand, a dressing table and a shoe rack. Design a small seating area by placing a rocking chair or a couch. A bookcase alongside, can turn the space into a reading corner.

Private patio

Large windows offering splendid views of the sky or the streets can be a big advantage for the master bedroom. Otherwise, a secluded outdoor space like a large patio can also give the master suite an edge over other rooms of the house. It will not only facilitate ventilation but would also be a source of pleasurable outside views. Adorn the patio with the tasteful outdoor decor, furniture and an attractive colour palette.

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Last Updated: Fri Oct 06 2017

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