4 Ways To Give Your Dining Space A Makeover

4 Ways To Give Your Dining Space A Makeover

4 Ways To Give Your Dining Space A Makeover

The dining area is one of the cosiest part of a home where a family bonds over a scrumptious meal and a thoughtful conversation. However, there are many little ways in which you can enhance the dining experience.

A look at how you can do so:

Colour combination

The colour yellow makes for a perfect hue for a dining room. Standard yellow walls with truffle brown furniture and medium-tone hardwood floors create a traditional look for the dining space. If you wish to add a contemporary touch to the eating area go for mix and match of yellow and grey. Chairs in bright yellow coordinate well with grey or bluish-grey wall colour. Pops of saturated orange or truffle brown also make for an ideal colour for dining room décor. Golden reflections too add charm to the place.


Set the mood by using exquisite dining room lights include crystal chandeliers or mini-pendants, which throw the desired effect. You could augment the atmosphere with stylish floor lamps, torchiere lamps, flush-mounts or wall sconces.


Soft upholstery and furnishings in varied designs including slip-covered chairs, textured cushion pieces or seat covers, lush floor-to-ceiling draperies in red-striped linens or soft floral patterns, etc. create much looked-for cosiness in the dining area.

Accessories & accent pieces

Well-designed dining room accessories are a must-have if you wish to augment the elegance quotient of the entire room. Cocktail cabinets, curio cabinets, funky fruit bowls or trays of nuts, a classic drumshade, beautiful houseplants, fluffy rugs or Moroccan carpets, vases and candles stands - place them accordingly to adorn the room.

Last Updated: Mon Jun 13 2016

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