4 Things To Know About Suburban Living

4 Things To Know About Suburban Living

4 Things To Know About Suburban Living

Suburbs, the area situated on the peripheries of a city, are now emerging as one of the most sought after residential sectors, promoting suburban living. Being touted as the affordable living, suburbs are considered as the ideal residential zone as these are close to big cities, making it convenient to travel to and fro, and also, offering a much relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. For those planning to live for a long period near a city, suburbs are the choice.

MakaanIQ talks indepth about suburban living:

The origin

A rapid migration of people from rural areas to the urban city life gave rise to the urban sprawling. This led to the birth of expanding of city areas and covering the peripheries which are now known as the suburbs. Suburbs tend to flourish around cities that have plenty of adjacent flat land which could be developed with civic and social infrastructure.

Outline single-family housing

The popular image of the suburban lifestyle, is generally associated with high proportions of single-family dwellings. Thus, the kind of housing developed in the suburbs largely promotes single-family set up. This housing is developed keeping in mind the rising migrated population which includes young professionals living alone or with a spouse and children. With a defined target audience, the developers started constructing properties for more and more nuclear families. This helped them develop more smaller apartments, that could mean more housing and at an affordable price.

Not urban but close to city life

Suburban areas are synonymous to residential areas. To keep up with the rising population, the need for social infrastructure including hospitals, schools and small shopping centers grew faster to meet the needs of occupants. Even though the residents do not dwell in the city, they need to have all the amenities a city would offer them. Thus, a rapid growth is important. Moreover, these areas also need to have enough employment opportunities for many who do not want to travel to the city for work. Thus, these areas can also have business parks.

Well-connected to central business districts (CBDs)

Transportation is one of the crucial areas of concern. This helps the residents to be well-connected to the city's central business districts. A strong roadways, and modern rail system are important to promote suburb living. These systems also help them move around in the vicinity.

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