Keep These In Mind When Installing Laminate Flooring

Keep These In Mind When Installing Laminate Flooring

Keep These In Mind When Installing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring adds grace and gives a luxurious look to a room. Coming from a natural resource, resonating the nature, this flooring with technological advancements, is a perfect flooring option for any weather condition. Many people opt for laminate flooring as it is versatile, economical and easy to maintain. 

MakaanIQ gives you some tips on why laminate flooring is a perfect option if you are planning to give your home a luxurious without burning a hole in your pocket:

  • Know your time frame

Time is an important factor especially when you are hiring the services of an experienced laminate floor installer. Ask the contractor to give the deadline in writing.

Worth your buck

Laminate flooring is a cost effective solution when compared to raw hardwood flooring. This flooring is made of composite wood which is pressed at a high temperature and then covered with the image of hardwood. The cost of all the material used in producing laminate is less when compared to transforming raw wood into hardwood flooring. Moreover, laminate wood installation cost is almost half when compared to hardwood installation.


Laminate flooring is more durable as it is made from pressed wood and has undergone testing for various extreme conditions before it comes out in the market. The flooring stands tall against moisture, scratches, growth of bacteria and general wear and tear. It can be safer when treated with special allergen resistant and anti-bacterial coatings. Moreover, it is easy to clean because all it needs is regular sweeping.

Easy to install anywhere

The laminate flooring is easy to install as it comes in standard size panels and can fit on any kind of base floor. Interestingly, with the technological advancements, there is no need to use adhesive when installing. So, flooring in a room can be completed and ready to use in a day or two. Moreover, it can be installed in any room of your home with  only one condition -- the place should have moisture barrier and water prevention measures.


These days, laminate flooring comes in different patterns and colours. It can take form of various natural hardwood materials. With the printing process, appearance of ceramic flooring materials and natural stone, apart from natural wood, can also be created.

Here's what you should keep in mind:

  • Know your installer

It is important to know your installer especially when you have no recommendations. Invite the installer at your home to get the project assessed.

  • Know your budget

Although one can easily install laminate flooring, having a professional help will save money. Purchasing your floor separately and contracting with a good installer is an economical way to install your flooring. Do check the flooring of your home. The sub-flooring should be levelled. In case it is not levelled, then you have to bear extra costs.

  • Pre-Installation Work

Before installation starts, it is important to move the furniture out of the home. In case you are unable to move it yourself, then hire the services of your installer. Also, remove any old carpet.

  • Ask for recommendations

Look around and seek recommendations from your family and friends. If someone in your neighborhood has recently installed a laminate flooring, then take recommendations from them. It is better to hire a recommended wood floor installer.

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Last Updated: Wed Jun 14 2017

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