4 Little Design Fails That Affect Your Sleep

4 Little Design Fails That Affect Your Sleep

4 Little Design Fails That Affect Your Sleep

After slogging for hours at work, all we want is a good night's sleep. But, the moment you get to the bed, you just keep on tossing and turning for a long time. All your efforts to slip into a peaceful slumber often end in vain. Do you know this could be due to some design issues in your bedroom?

The irritating rolls

Duvet Bedroom(Dreamstime)

It's winters. Every time you toss in your bed, your duvet insert shifts and rolls up in one corner. This is one of the common problems that a lot of us face. There is a simple solution to this as well. Try tucking the corners of the duvet insert and cover with a small stitch on every corner to ensure that the insert doesn't roll inside. You could also buy comforter clips that are available online to clip the corners and put the insert in place.

The suffocating layers

Layers Bedroom(Dreamstime)

Too many layers of sheets during the winters could cause you restlessness, hindering your sleep. The layering should be done in such a way that lets you quickly add or pull off covers during the night. Ideally, the layers should have a sheet, followed by a duvet, and then a quilt.

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The piercing lights

Lighting Bedroom(Dreamstime)

Some of us have the habit of putting a small light on in our bedroom, but some just can't sleep until it is completely dark. For the former, even the light of the streetlight peeping through the curtain or the morning sun could be a problem. If you are of this category, install black-out curtains. Invest in curtains that are opaque and don't the light pass through. If you like some sunlight during the day, layer them with translucent flowy curtains and keep those curtains open during the day, and tie the black-out ones in a corner.

The space crunchPillows Bedroom(Dreamstime)

We agree that those soft pillows make your bed look cool. We also agree that keeping your mobile phone close to you while you sleep is equally important. However, the primary purpose of your bed is to put you to sleep as soon as you land there. The crowding of any kind would fail that purpose. Be mindful of that and keep the area clear.

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Last Updated: Thu Feb 23 2017

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