3 Easy DIY Hacks To Hide Wires At Home

3 Easy DIY Hacks To Hide Wires At Home

3 Easy DIY Hacks To Hide Wires At Home

Home is where the heart is. This age-old adage holds true even today, though we spend a large part of our day outside our home. As our work commitments consume most of our time, it becomes even more compelling to have a beautiful, clutter-free home, where you can let your hair down. Along with complying with various interior decoration tips, you should ensure to conceal the unnecessary cords.  MakaanIQ lists three easy do-it-yourself or DIY hacks to hide wires at home:

  • Toilet paper tube

Using a toilet paper tube is the simplest and cost-effective way to keep cables in an organised manner. For this, you need to identify the number of cables and cords you want to store. Now, choose a box having the optimum space to hide the cables. For this, you can go for a Tupperware bin or even a shoebox will do. The next step is to place the toilet paper tubes inside the box using some glue to keep them intact. Adhesive tape can also be used to bind the rolls and keep them secure. Your toilet paper cable organiser is ready to roll!

  • Charging station

You can create a simple and attractive charging station using a shoe box. Choose an appropriate-sized shoe box. Decorate it using a wrapping paper and spray paints. The next step is to create holes from which the cords will pass. Mark the holes using metal rings, washers or decorative covers and cut them accordingly. At last, assemble your box and get a charge out of yourself!

  • Hanging cord holder

This is another easy-on-pocket way to a neat home. For this, cut out a piece of foam as per your need. Mark the spots to make long cuts or slits. You can use a wooden block to mark appropriately. Now, mount the cord holder on the wall using a 3M double-sided mounting tape. Your hanging card holder is ready to hold power cords, USB cables and other sundry cords.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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