15 Vaastu tips for Wealth and House

15 Vaastu tips for Wealth and House

15 Vaastu tips for Wealth and House

Indians do various rituals to keep lord Kuber (the god of wealth) happy and pleased when it comes to home. But the main question is, how to keep Lord Kuber pleased? Well its quiet simple, just follow these vaastu tips to attract free flow of wealth and prevent financial stresses.

1. Place the cash locker in such a way that it opens in the North direction.
2. Never place the cash locker under a beam or column.
3. Place a mirror in front of your cash locker to increase cash flow.
4. Keep the North-East portion of the house clutter free to allow free flow of wealth.
5. Buy land which has more or same elevation than the surrounding roads.
6. Plant big trees in the SW portion to stabilize wealth.
7. Try and keep the center of home as clutter free area.
8. Keep all doors as well as windows clean.
9. Keep a running water fountain in NE part of home.
10. Keep a fish aquarium in NE portion of your home. Always keep the aquarium clean and tidy.
11. Avoid having big and tall trees in the NE portion
12. Repair/ replace all the leaking taps as this denotes financial wastage and loss.
13. Keep a bird feeder in your balcony, this attracts wealth to your home.
14. Keep a purple colored plant, if you are unable to procure one then keep a money plant in a purple colored pot in your balcony.
15. Always keep your house clutter free

Last Updated: Wed Mar 18 2015

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