10 Ways To Decorate A Welcoming Entryway

10 Ways To Decorate A Welcoming Entryway

10 Ways To Decorate A Welcoming Entryway

An inviting entryway is the first impression that you make on your guests and showcase your personality. When the entrance to your home contributes so much to the beauty of the house, why not make it more appealing and attractive.

MakaanIQ lists 10 ways in which you could enhance the entryway and make it more warm and welcoming:

Let there be light


Entryways are commonly a small space especially if you live in an apartment set up. Add a lantern or a small pendant lighting that will not only brighten up the area but also add a unique style to make it look different. You can pick from different lighting options available depending upon the interiors of your home.

Paint it bold


Primary and bright colours can give an exciting look to the entrance door. The bright-coloured door will also give it a vintage yet chic appeal. Play with colours, choose from your favourite one. How about a blue or a yellow? 

Dazzle it with a wallpaper


Use wallpapers in the entryway area to give it a complete makeover. Cover the plain walls with beautiful wallpapers to give them a stylish modern twist.

Bring the greens


The most simple way to brighten up your entryway is by placing planters. You can use different types of indoor or outdoor plants depending on where you would want to keep them. Make them look even more beautiful by placing them in colourful pots.

Add mirrors


Hang a mirror or multiple mirrors to give a dramatic effect to the area. You can use mirrors in different shapes and sizes, this would also give the illusion of a doubled-up space, instantly. 

Hang hooks


Hanging multiple interesting or quirky hooks on the wall of your entryway can make it look elegant but also can be useful to hang things like keys, bags, umbrella, hats etc.

A clean entry

Doormat, isolated


You would not want dirt to enter your home through footwear. Place a doormat near the entryway to ensure your home is clean. Also, bring in some interesting doormats to add the fun element to the decor. A bright rug is advisable to add colour to the area.

Own it in style

(Pinterest/CraftFurnish Marketplace)

Isn't it a great idea to flaunt your name at your entryway of the home you own? Get a customised and a well-designed name plate that you could hang on the entryway to welcome your guests with pride.

Say it with pictures

Photo wall (flickr.com)(Flickr)

Make your entryway your personalised picture wall or an art display. Hang your family pictures or mini-paintings that you love on the entryway. This will give a sense of warmth to you and your guests, too.

Incorporate a chalkboard

Chalkboard (flickr.com)


Have a chalkboard in the entryway for funny messages or reminders. Scribble over the wall whatever you want to say. Use it for any personalised message for a family member, reminder for things you need to do or bring after you are back from work, or writing welcome messages for your guests.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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