10 Ways To Deck Up Your Home With Mirrors

10 Ways To Deck Up Your Home With Mirrors

10 Ways To Deck Up Your Home With Mirrors

Mirrors are a designer's best friend. Known to make a small space look bigger and brighter, mirrors are considered one of the handiest things when you are trying to make a small apartment appear spacious.

MakaanIQ lists 10 interesting ways in which you can decorate your home with mirrors.

Across a window

Mirror Wall Window(Shutterstock)

If you have a life-size window at your home, especially in the living area, place a large mirror wall right across this window. This will not only double the room space, but will also make it brighter, especially with natural light falling directly on to the mirror.

A mirror wall

Mirror Wall(Shutterstock)

How about transforming a complete wall using mirror tiles or even a ceiling to floor mirror? This can be further enhanced by adding a mix of wood or marble with mirror. This will make your room appear spacious and luxurious.

Behind the bedside lamps

Mirror, Bedside Lamp(Shutterstock)

Place a small vanity mirror on each side of your bedside table. You could pin it to the wall and place a lampshade or a vase with flowers in front of it. The reflection of these decorative will add beauty to your bedroom.

Backsplash in the kitchen

Mirror Backsplash(Shutterstock)

The wall between the kitchen shelf and cabinets is called backsplash. This area is generally covered with tiles. Adding a mirror instead of tiles can do wonders. It will give a different look to your kitchen. But, make sure that you clean this area, as it will be prone to stains.

Above the mantel


This is one of the most common areas in the house to place a mirror. You could add a vintage mirror frame or cover the whole wall with mirror tiles. Also, add some decorative, such as a flower vase, candle stand or a showpiece, to make it look even brighter.

On the porch

porch (Pinterest/OKA)

If you have a porch with a seating area overlooking a garden, add a mirror to the wall facing the garden. This will replicate the bright colours of your garden, giving a beautiful look to the whole set-up.

Wardrobe panels


Turn your wardrobe panels into mirror panels. This will make your room look larger and brighter. Besides, these make your wardrobe panels light-weight when compared with wood or other enamel coverings. What's more? You will have your own freestanding wardrobe-size dressing area.


stairway (Pinterest/notsoshabbyshabbychic.blogspot.com)

Create a wall collage of mirrors of different shapes and sizes on the wall of your staircase. This will give your otherwise boring dark staircase a chic and bright look. But watch your step while you climb those stairs admiring yourself in the mirrors.

As a wall décor

d94e4004b816f863783eed017e9a33ae(Pinterest/Room Decor Ideas)

Creating a single wall art using mirrors is an interesting way of decorating the wall of your living room, and so is using many mirrors of different shapes and sizes. These make the wall stand out. Use good lighting in that area to make the room look brighter.

Statement piece

696240000605e2bf2dfec38f882fe555(Pinterest/Home Decorators Collection)

Buy a life-size mirror and place in the emptiest corner of your bedroom or living room. Add a vintage arm chair or sofa with soft furnishing. This will be a perfect mix of old-world charm and chic modernism.

Last Updated: Fri Dec 07 2018

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