10 Tips To Smartly Utilise Space Below A Stairway

10 Tips To Smartly Utilise Space Below A Stairway

10 Tips To Smartly Utilise Space Below A Stairway

If you own either a duplex apartment or a house, then a stairway must be an integral part of your home. Besides connecting you to other floors, a staircase doesn't serve any other purpose and the area underneath is a dead space. MakaaniQ suggests a few ways on how to utilise the space optimally.



If you are a bibliophile, then use the area to create your own library. Get a bookshelf made to save on space which your treasure of knowledge might have occupied in some other room. If the space permits, place a reading chair or a small bed and the area will double up as a reading zone.

Study area

Just like a reading zone, you can also create a study area under the stairs. All you need to do is get a study table and chair that can fit into the area. Make sure to install sufficient lights to brighten up the space.

Mini closet

If you are short of any storage space, create one beneath the staircase. A mini closet would be very useful to accommodate your seasonal clothes.

Custom bar 

Generally, the stairway in a duplex apartment passes through the living area or a lobby. Instead of giving a dedicated room to your bar, use the space for the purpose. Get a customised bar where you can store your favourite drinks and glasses.

Kid playhouse

Your kid will surely love this! Give her a playhouse by making one under the stairway. This is a good way to bundle up your bundle of joy in a corner with his play things and keep the house clutter-free.

Personalised sitting area


You can also convert it into a personal sitting area. Keep a couch or a comfortable chair and create your own personal corner with a customised theme.

Pet corner

A dog house under the flight of steps is a good proposition. Rather than having a kennel for your dog, give him a little home or a separate area which your canine would love.


Attached bathroom with every room is a modern trend these days. So why your living room or lobby sans bathroom. If you have a staircase passing through any of these areas, build a mini bathroom under the staircase and use it for guests. 
Utility area
If there is not much space to create a bathroom under the stairs, use the place as a utility area. You can keep a washing machine or you can also install wash basins or sinks.
Prayer room
If you don't have a dedicated space for your puja room, create one under the stairway. This way you can not only have a separate place for your deities, but will also get a peaceful space for praying.    
Last Updated: Wed Aug 09 2017

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