10 Red Dot Award Winners That Will Add Spark to Your Home

10 Red Dot Award Winners That Will Add Spark to Your Home

10 Red Dot Award Winners That Will Add Spark to Your Home
PropGuide lists 10 products – all winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design for 2015, that are perfect for a modern-day home. (Flickr/Vernon Chan)

All of us want to get for our homes some products that would not only make our lives easier but would also add a spark to our abode. These products must be a perfect fit for our modern-day home.

MakaanIQ lists 10 such products – all winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design for 2015:

CHiQ Airloop

Air purifiers are the new fad. So, how about one that doesn't cover floor space and comes with pre-installed security camera, apart of course from purifying the air? Designed by China-based Homwee Technology and manufactured by Sichuan Changhong Electric, this suspended air purifier is equipped with these features. What's more? The device, in sync with today's home automation needs, can be operated using a wall-mounted control panel or directly through your smartphone.


(Red Dot)


A couch that doubles up as your fitness furniture, this product is manufactured by Germany-based Heimathlet and designed by in-house designer Elisa Kirbst. When not relaxing on Heimathlet (home athlete), you can use it for exercises like Yoga and Pilates. The product has bars, rings on the side and an upholstery that doubles up as a Yoga mat. It has been highly appreciated for its perfect mix as a furniture-cum-sport equipment, and for covering minimal home area.

2(Red Dot)

Axor Citterio E

Manufactured by Hansgrohe and designed by Italy-based Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners, this floor-standing bathtub thermostat is a piece of elegance for your bathrooms. The pull-knob of this product allows you to switch between shower holder and water inlet. The shower rod, placed behind the water column, gives it a floating illusion.

3(Red Dot)

Smanos K1 SmartHome DIY Kit

A home automation kit manufactured by China-based Chuango Security Technology Corporation, designed in-house, is a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit allowing users to access their home's electrical system using a wireless network. You can monitor the status of light switches, sockets, locks, cameras, alarm systems and environmental sensors using it via your smartphone. In this system, up to 50 wireless automation elements can be integrated by users of any age.

4(Red Dot)

Arctic – Knife Series

Manufactured by Sweden-based OBH Nordica Group AB and designed by Toni Luukkonen Fredäng, this knife series is a must-have for professional chefs. Designed while keeping in mind the way chefs grip the knife on the blade, these knives come with a rounded top edge and an ergonomic handle. They also have a handles that allow them to be hung in storage. In this set of five knives, each has a different purpose.

5(Red Dot)


The design of this porcelain vessel is inspired by the cutwork on crystalware. The engravings were hand-crafted by skilled master crystal engravers. This highly detailed design is sculpted using grinding and cutting techniques with diamond-edged wheels. A statement piece worth placing in your living area.

6(Red Dot)

Skai Solaris EN

This polyester upholstery is a visual treat. Manufactured and designed by Germany-based Konrad Hornschuch AG, it has a three-dimensional effect created by the honeycomb cube, giving an optical illusion. The fabric changes design depending on the viewing angle and the degree of exposure to light. This effect is intensified by a special lacquering on the hexagons. If used with one of your statement furniture, this upholstery will add to the sheen of your home.

7(Red Dot)

Barrisol – Lovegrove Manta

Inspired by the organic forms of nature – such as jellyfish floating in water – this lighting, manufactured by France-based Barrisol Normalu SAS and designed by British designer Ross Lovegrove, has a design that lies somewhere between deep ocean and space. It is designed in a filigree aluminium frame featuring a stretched membrane. Illuminated by light emitting diodes (LEDs), this product would look perfect for a room that needs to look spacious and bright.

8(Red Dot)


How about a sofa that comes with a bright background wall of its own? Well, ITO Design has designed this collection of sofas integrated with interior walls of their own. Manufactured by Poland-based Profim, this piece of furniture is an unconventional way of doing up your home. The collection includes armchairs and sofas with either two or three seats and is covered with vibrant upholstery. Placed in a room with white or pastel shades, a piece from this collection will stand out, oozing style.

9(Red Dot)

Anyway Pivoting Room Divider

This 360-degree revolving room divider can be integrated into an existing door frame. The door frame can be opened in both directions. For installation, both bolts and plugs only require holes to a depth of 35 mm. It is a perfect product for homes with space constraints and requiring a room divider. It is designed and manufactured by Anyway Doors, a company based out of Belgium.

10(Red Dot)


These products are not yet available in India, but if you are ready to pay the price for it, you could import them directly from the manufacturer.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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