10 Quick Ways To Upcycle Teacups

10 Quick Ways To Upcycle Teacups

10 Quick Ways To Upcycle Teacups

The beautiful bonechina tea and saucer sets are not just to sip your morning green tea or serve your guests a cup of desi chai. These can be an interesting source of decorative, too. All you need is some creativity.

With these 10 do-it-yourself (DIY) tips, get ready to upcycle the teacups and saucers and let them add beauty to your home:

Showcase your jewellery

Teacup jewellery(www.cbc.ca)

Use the cups and saucers separately to organise your jewellery in the drawer. Or create a jewellery stand that beautifully holds and showcases your jewellery. Glue them up together with each cup facing a different side, while taking a saucer to form the base.

Plant in them

Teacup planter(Dreamstime)

Create a small herb garden in your kitchen by using these small cups that would let you plant more in less space. Grow small quantities of fresh herb in your kitchen and add them to your sumptuous meals. These, when placed on window sill, will give your kitchen a beautiful look.

Turn them into light fixture

teacup lighting(Blogspot)

For this, you will have to cut the base of the saucer to fit the holder of the bulb. First, determine the size of the holder and whether or not you want to attach the saucer along. Second, based on the size of the holder carve the ceramic using a hand drill. Now, place the upper socket and then attach the light source. Like this, you could create an array of string lights, a pendant light or a chandelier.

Make candles in them

Teacup candle(Flickr/Marcie)

Are you into candle-making? Your teacups can be the pretty moulds to pour the candles and hold them. All you need to do is the usual process of first holding the wick in the centre and then pouring the melted wax and let it sit. Place these across your home or you can sell them at a price, given the expensive mould.

A cup for birds

Teacup birds(Pixabay)

The complete set of your favourite bonechina set broke and you are only left with a cup and a saucer? You could make a pretty bird feeder out of it. Stick the base of the cup to the saucer and then hang the two with the help of strings on the porch. Then add some bird food. This bird feeder will add a new flavour to your garden as well as your porch.

Bake and serve

Teacup cupcakes(Blogspot)

Stack two saucers followed by a cup on a stand. You can get the stand at any baking essentials store. Drill holes in the cups and saucer and then glue them on the stand for this interesting stand. Use it to showcase your culinary skills.

The actual measuring cup

teacup measuring cup(dotcomgiftshop.com)

Do you always use your teacups to measure things like flour, lentils and other things in the kitchen? It is time to turn them into the actual measuring cups. Place them in the transparent storage containers to add beauty to your kitchen.

On the wall

Teacup on wall(donnaclick.it)

Screw them on the wall and turn the cup and saucer into a wall art. For those who love bonechina, you could collect various designs and sizes to add up to the wall.

Setup a terrarium

Teacup terrarium(Flickr/Macie)

Just like plants, teacups can be used to design a small terrarium too. For terrarium tutorials click here.

Hold the curtains

teacup curtain holder(amazinginteriordesign.com)

Cut the base of the cup and turn it into a curtain holder. When using it for a window curtain make sure you install a hook on the window to hold the cup from the handle and stop it from sliding. These floral cups can add beauty to your other plain curtains.

Last Updated: Wed May 17 2017

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