10 Outdoor Fountain Designs Ideas For Your Garden

10 Outdoor Fountain Designs Ideas For Your Garden

10 Outdoor Fountain Designs Ideas For Your Garden

Having a garden is one thing and having a well-landscaped garden another. A well-landscaped garden can instantly add beauty as well as luxury to your home. A waterbody, stones and greenery are some of the ways with which you can welcome nature in your home and decorate it as well.

So, if you have a garden that you have been wanting to decorate for a long time now by adding a few elements, here we bring you the first one that you should add. A fountain. A small water body sitting in the centre or in a corner of your garden with well-landscaped surrounding can work wonders.

Fountain designs vary according to the size and requirement of the area. MakaaniQ brings you some of the fountain designs that you can incorporate as per the size of your garden:

Tier fountain


Want a fountain design that becomes the focal point of your backyard? Opt for a tiered model. Here, a black fountain between bricked walls enhances the beauty of the area.

Wall art


This golden-colour wall fountain is one of the classiest pieces to be added to your garden. This can also be placed indoors. 

Victorian appeal


Statues can offer a perfect look to your outdoor fountains. This fountain has a metal statue of a boy holding a sea shell, giving the fountain a Victorian appeal. The lights, pebbles and plants around the main statue highlight the complete look of the fountain.

Barrel fountain



This type of fountain is ideal for those who believe in recycling and repurposing old objects. A wine barrel fountain work in tiered progression with water flowing from one to the another. This fountain can be a great choice for corner areas of a garden.

Tiles finish wall fountain



A beautiful backdrop can enhance the beauty of a fountain. Here the Spanish tiles cover the backdrop of the fountain, giving a Moorish look. The bright and colourful tiles give the pond a beautiful appeal.

Vase effect


Give a unique look to your garden with this vase-cum-fountain. The light-coloured vase in vertical format looks mesmerising on colourful stones and pebbles.

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One two three


To go for a different and appealing look, opt for not just one but three fountains kept simultaneously. These aqua-colour vases that they match the shade of water, accentuate the light-coloured back wall.

Small and beautiful


The small rustic look of this self-contained fountain blends well with the beauty of a garden. This fountain is strategically placed amidst different types of plants which give it an ecstatic look.

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Wooden beauty



When we talk about nature, we cannot ignore wood. A combination of wood, plants and water works best for a scenic view. This wooden fountain can beautifully fit to your yard or garden area.

Modern style

modern-outdoor-garden-fountain (pauldingcountyareafoundation.net)(pauldingcountyareafoundation.net)

If you have a big garden with a pond, then this modern outdoor fountain is best suited for you. Set this style in your garden area to give it a modern look.   

Last Updated: Tue Feb 14 2017

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