10 Innovative Ways To Dress Up A Girl's Bedroom

10 Innovative Ways To Dress Up A Girl's Bedroom

10 Innovative Ways To Dress Up A Girl's Bedroom

Teenage girls are known to be chirpy, full of life and colourful, so why not give their room the same look that resonates their personality. Though there are no specific rules to follow but one, 'What does your teen love?'. When decorating your princess's room consider making it apt for all her needs.

MakaanIQ lists 10 creative girl-bedroom décor ideas to give your daughter her own castle:

Multipurpose room


For any teenage girl her bedroom is her space where she can sleep, study, talk to her friends over the phone and even hangout with them. Ensure that the room offers her utmost comfort. It should be equipped with a bed, a study table and chair, some bean bags or ottomans and ample lighting. Furnish the room with the colours and things she likes.

Bold designs on the walls


Wall is the prime element for a room to look like it is designed for a girl. So, use vibrant colours which are provide her the energy. Also, you could get a bright wallpaper or a decal of her choice. Also, you could put up some posters of her favourite motivational quotes or of her favourite movie.

Magnetic board


Girls are crazy for make-up and jewellery. While you are in your teens, dressing up is the favourite pass time and girls pay a lot of attention to it. So, let's put a whole magnetic board just beside their vanity mirror and add the quirk to the room.

Decorate doors


Doors also play a key role when designing a girl's bedroom. Make the doors their canvas and let me put on some abstract design or paint a beautiful scenery on it. Or, add a mirror to the back of her door if there is a space constraint and you can't add a special vanity to her room.

Hammock chair


Hammock chair is one of the coolest item for your girl's room. This chair can be used to read on, sleep in and even lounge on a laid back day. Available in variety of colours, let her take a pick.

Photo frames


Photo frames are magical. Girls like to take a lot of photographs and also, put them as memories in their room. Why not create a photo wall for her to place her happy memories in her room. You could also opt for customised photo clock or a standing lamp.

Customised furnishing


Every girl has her favourite Hollywood or Bollywood actor they completely are smitten by. Why not give them a cushion or even a throw which has a customised picture of their favourite actor. This will surely be a treasured possession for them.

Quirky pendant lights


Teens generally like a bright and colourful space, unlike subtle look. So, add some quirky pendant lights to their room to give it a distinct look from other rooms. A mason jar or a ping-pong ball pendant lights gives a trendier lighting pattern.



Girls love shopping and end up buying bag full of things. From fashionable clothes to stylish high heels you will find them loaded in their wardrobe. So a huge wardrobe is a must in a girl's bedroom.

Giant poster


Girls would love to add a huge poster of themselves with their friends. This can be the most striking feature in your girl's bedroom and the most popular too. Captured from their treasured moments, they would love to display it more through posters.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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