10 Gadgets You Will Find In A Tech Geek's Room

10 Gadgets You Will Find In A Tech Geek's Room

10 Gadgets You Will Find In A Tech Geek's Room
Although a geek’s possessions depend on his taste, there are several gadgets which are common in a typical geek room. (Dreamstime/Denisismagilov)

Geeks regard their workstation as their sanctum. Following the latest in the world of technology and putting it to use, while also competing with rival geeks, are some conspicuous habits of a tech geek. If you are one of them, you know there is no looking back once you start loving technology. Although a geek's possessions depend on his taste, there are several gadgets which are common in a typical geek's room.

MakaanIQ lists 10 gadgets that every geek must have.


Overnight gaming and studying can leave a geek too drained to listen to a college lecture. Carry a dictaphone instead and record every single word said at the lecture. This pocket-sized voice recording instrument ensures a better quality of recording when compared with a regular smartphone. Access these at your own convenience.

Power banks

Life seems to come to a standstill when your electronic friends run out of juice. With a power bank, you can say goodbye to battery blues. Carry a high yielding power bank of capacity 6,000 mAH or above to charge your phone, tablet, e-book reader and laptops.

External hard drives

With all those movies and games eating up the disk space of your laptop, you really need a hard disk for additional storage. There are a plenty of options available in the market, at different price points. Besides, with market becoming competitive, these devices have become quite inexpensive. There are several kinds of hard disks available, classified according to speed, storage and reliability. Depending on your data consumption and work, you can select the most suitable drive for yourself.

Portable speakers

They are the latest things to hit the audio market. Portable speakers of today are compact and light, and deliver louder and better music than previous generations. They are suitable for gaming and casual listening, too.

An e-reader

Most regular screens are not optimised for reading, but paper displays or e-paper displays are suitably tuned for that. E-readers are good for saving space on your desk. The fact that you can carry your books around on a single device is itself a reason enough.

Smart pens

Smart pens can transform your physical notes into digital copies. You won't have to worry about keeping your notes in place. This contraption makes a geek everyone's favourite study buddy.

Smart alarm clocks

Modern alarm clocks are more than a couple of cogs and needles. There are many alarm clocks available which are not only beautiful to look at, but also perform functions like monitoring heart rate and tracking sleep cycle when paired with a wearable device.

Power-surge protectors

A geek's electronic devices deserve his special attention. Use power-surge protectors to charge your portable devices or to use heavy power appliances.

Gaming rig

Without a gaming rig, a geek is incomplete. Assemble a desktop that is not only mighty but also makes a style statement. There are many pre-assembled options available, but it is always better to order hardware and get creative.

Solar-powered backpack

Geeks hate going out, and that is almost an established fact. But, those occasional outdoor visits can be used to keep a back-up charge. Most of these bags deliver outputs of up to 2W, which can be enough to charge a laptop and other such heavy-powered devices.

Last Updated: Wed Apr 20 2016

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