10 Creative Ways To Use Flower Pots As Décor

10 Creative Ways To Use Flower Pots As Décor

10 Creative Ways To Use Flower Pots As Décor

To decorate a house, there are no set rules. You can let your imagination run wild and see the results. We often decorate our abode with the all the knick-knacks, mementos and memoirs that we have gathered over the years. But, indoor plants also give a very versatile and refreshing look to the house. MakaaniQ tells you the different ways in which a potted plant can be used for home décor.  

The flowery artwork


Vertical garden with the ornate plants in planters arranged in horizontal rows is a beautiful alternative option for artwork.

Mini rooftop garden


You can get a planter which is a two-in-one piece. It is a lovely pet house and a planter.  The pet in your house can hide or sleep in the house underneath the planter top.

The asymmetrical

decorate-the-stairs-with-flowers (1)

The classic planters can be given unusual designs. Instead of using plain horizontal shelves, a series of asymmetrical wall shelves placed in an angled line reaching to the ceiling will give an exceptional décor design.

A green table


This table would have small pots at its base. The framework of the table has each of its legs bent. The small pots at the base of the legs of the table have climbers and vines. They extend through the bent structures and over to the top portion of the frame.

Bathroom garden


Most of the times, the bathroom of the house remains neglected. A bathroom with a fresh look is always welcome. You can have planters fixed on the textured wall of the bathroom or the walls can have integrated planters at different heights and planted with ferns.

Vertical kitchen garden

kitchen garden


The vertical kitchen garden is a great idea to have your favourite herbs growing in the kitchen. The vertical kitchen takes up a very small place in the kitchen, as the planter is fixed on the wall. But make sure that it is placed at a place which gets plenty of sunlight, preferably near the window.

The upside down garden


One of the original ideas to have potted plant as décor in your room is to hang it upside down from the ceiling. It is a unique concept as it saves the floor space and helps in purifying the room's air and also add colour and freshness in the room.

Sleeping with nature


You can place a small fern in a tiny planter by your bedside on the nightstand or you can hang it from the ceiling in the corner of the bedroom.

That old watering can


The old rusting watering cans can be converted into rustic looking planters. The old rusting watering cans can be planted with various flowering plants and can be placed on the steps leading to the doorway.   

The focal point

dreamstime_l_2329674 (1)

A single large potted plant can also be the focal point of the room décor. It can be placed in the living room or in any other room. The plant can be placed in the corner of the house to avoid wasting floor space. Don't forget to place it in a place where it can get sufficient sunlight, preferably on the windowsill.

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