How will the new real estate bill benefit you?

How will the new real estate bill benefit you?

How will the new real estate bill benefit you?

Few days back Makaan.com, India’s fastest growing property sites, brought you the update regarding the approval of the real estate bill and the various laws under it that will regulate the real estate industry. With the cabinet approval, there is quite an emotional upheaval in the real estate industry. On one hand, the home buyers are perceived to be benefited at the time of purchasing a home while on the other hand, quite a few developers and builders are registering their discontentment with the provisions. Will the bill be actually advantageous for the home buyers? Does it have certain loopholes and lacks implementation strategies? Will the realty bill encourage corruption among the officials? Will it increase the prices and pose overall delay in the real estate industry?

Understanding that the home buyers are instilled with the above confusions, Makaan.com brings you this article to clarify the impact of the approved realty bill.

Post the real estate regulation bill, the industry only hopes to see a transparent and uniform environment while maintaining an equilibrium and healthy transaction between the realtor, developers and the general public. We will have to wait to see whether the desired results would be achieved. At Makaan.com, we are confident that it will make the going easier for homebuyers.

Last Updated: Mon Nov 19 2018

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