Documents' Checklist To Transfer Property In A Housing Society

Documents' Checklist To Transfer Property In A Housing Society

Documents' Checklist To Transfer Property In A Housing Society

Buying and selling a house can be stressful and strenuous at the same time. After you finalise on the seller or fix the deal with a buyer, the property changes hands amidst a lot of paperwork. It involves a number of complex legal, statutory and regulatory frameworks – a little carelessness can mar your deal.

With the emergence of housing societies, different residents' welfare associations have their own rules the legally transfer the flat. Maharashtra is the only state in the country that has a housing society Act framed under which all the documents have to be furnished by the parties concerned. There are several documents that many of the buyers are not aware of and due to which they face problems during the sale of the property.

However, different states require some additional documents regarding property transfer. But there are some set of documents that are mandatorily needed across the states.

The Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act has prescribed a list of important documents that you must submit during transfer of a property in a housing society.

  • Affidavit made before the notary or executive magistrate. 
  • The true copy of society registration certificate, and if it is an apartment then copy of the deed of declaration. 
  • No-objection certificate from the society for transfer, the responsibility of the chairman/secretary is to approve the same. 
  • 7/12 extract of the land or extract of property registration card.
  • Copies of approval of building plan from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and other authorities. 
  • Occupation certificate, commencement certificate and completion certificate. 
  • The copy of the non-agricultural order. 
  • Certificate of the exclusion from Land Ceiling Act (U.L.C.) Certificate. 
  • Land measurement map or an architect's certificate.

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