Traffic Woes Likely To End For Ghaziabad With Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Woes Likely To End For Ghaziabad With Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Woes Likely To End For Ghaziabad With Traffic Management Plan

Regular commuters of Ghaziabad experience a harrowing time while steering through the congested stretches of the town to reach their destination. Aimed at ending the nuisance of traffic jams and accidents, a Traffic Management Plan by the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) will soon be in place. The GDA has asked the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) to come up with a Traffic Mobility Plan for improving the chaotic traffic situation in Indirapuram and Modi Nagar.

A meeting was held between the CRRI and GDA on April 11 where the former submitted an inception report to the authority identifying 14 major traffic intersections which needed streamlined traffic flow. They include areas like Old Bus Stand, Chaudhary Morh, Ghookna, Karhera, Tila Morh, Indirapuram, DPS intersection, Madhuban Bapudham junction, Raj Nagar Extension, Sahibabad road junction, Indirapuram inside junction, Kavi Nagar - Razapur junction and Modi Nagar junction.

Here’s more information:

The GDA and CRRI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on February 3 for preparing a Comprehensive Mobility Plan for the city. A short-term plan will be developed first and submitted within six months, while the long-term plan will be submitted within nine months from the date of signing the MoU.

The two sub-localities of Indirapuram and Modi Nagar will have separate traffic plans as requested by the GDA. The CRRI has agreed to prepare them within 10 days after conducting a survey, keeping in mind the ongoing projects like the widening of highway under the Delhi-Meerut Expressway (DME). Of late, Indirapuram has seen a rise in the number of vehicles, accompanied by snarls due to work on DME. This area is a strategic point for accessing Noida and NH-24.

Modi Nagar, on the other hand, is impacted by the proposed Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) on the median of the Delhi-Meerut Road. Besides, the upcoming Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) project has also worsened the traffic situation in this region.

The Comprehensive Mobility Plan, that visualises the traffic scenario over the next 20 years, will cover aspects such as coordinating the traffic movement, reducing travel time and suggestions for upgrading the existing infrastructure. The final plan will be submitted to the authority in nine months.

Enhanced traffic infrastructure for Ghaziabad

Media reports say that Ghaziabad is among cities which has the most unsafe roads and closely follows Lucknow in terms of the number of accidents. In the absence of an efficient internal transport system, violation of traffic rules and faulty road designs have been cited as the major causes for roads accidents, among other factors like damaged road dividers, broken roads, illegal cuts, absence of traffic signals or zebra crossings. Moreover, roadside parking and encroachments have also resulted in the never-ending traffic snarls.

An expert from the Indian Institute of Architects identified many dangerous spots where accidents and traffic jams happen. These include areas like Mohan Nagar roundabout, Karhera cut, Sikri cut, ALT Chowk, Sewanagar, Gang Nahar road, Vasundhara traffic signal, Hapur Chungi, Loni tri-section, Bhowpura roundabout, Lal Kuan and Kala Patthar road.

The efforts of CRRI are directed towards increasing the ‘level of service’ ranking for Ghaziabad from the present C & D category to the higher category B. This will also entail bringing the waiting time at intersections to 20 seconds. Not being too ambitious, the CRRI has explained that huge investments are required to attain the position of category A and thus is targeting a reasonable category B. CRRI will perform various surveys like parking surveys, pedestrian surveys, speed and delay surveys, a survey on national highways and district roads, prevalence of non-motorised transport, survey about intermediate transport modes such as autorickshaws, and regional and inter-regional surveys.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 17 2018

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