SDMC Launches Property Tax Amnesty Scheme

SDMC Launches Property Tax Amnesty Scheme

SDMC Launches Property Tax Amnesty Scheme

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on December 15 implemented with immediate effect an amnesty scheme for property tax assesses that covers all residential properties falling in unauthorised colonies and urbanised and rural villages. The scheme that will remain operative till January 31 next year was earlier approved by the Standing Committee of the civic body.

Mayor Kamaljeet Sehrawat has asked the property owners in unauthorised colonies to come forward and avail of the benefits the scheme.

The scheme to provide substantial relief to the residential property tax assesses in unauthorised colonies along with urbanised villages and rural villages was earlier approved by the standing committee's chairman, Bhupender Gupta.

Gupta said under this amnesty those property holders in unauthorised colonies would become entitled for a 100 per cent remission of the amount relating to interest and penalty, on making a payment of the amount due on property tax by January 31.

He said the scheme would include the owners of all such properties, who had not submitted the tax return from April 1, 2004, or not submitted return on regular basis or the owners whose assessment had not been done from 2004 and ahead.

"Further all residential properties in unauthorised colonies where the matter is pending before MTT or other courts will also get benefit under the scheme," Gupta said.

He said the owners would have to make a declaration about the period of liability of tax which would be accepted by the department.

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Last Updated: Mon Dec 18 2017

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