Punjab Clears New Building Rules

Punjab Clears New Building Rules

Punjab Clears New Building Rules

In a move that would boost construction activity in the state, the Punjab Cabinet has approved new building rules. The rules are applicable on all areas outside municipal limits and are expected to be notified soon.

“With the implementation of these building rules, the urban development and building construction activities will get a boost, which will be helpful for the economic development of the state,” Urban Development Minister Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa said.

Under the new rules, a developer can now purchase unlimited floor area ratio (FAR) for group housing, commercial, public office, hotel and industrial buildings.

FAR is the ratio of the floor area constructed to the area of the plot on which the building stands. For example, if the FAR is 2, a 2,000-square foot building can be constructed on a 1,000-sqft plot. If the FAR is 3, a 3,000-sqft building can be constructed on a 1,000-sqft plot.

Increase in permissible FAR for residential development, educational buildings, rental housing, dhaba, miniplex and multiplex, wholesale trade freight complex and commercial use in group housing projects has been increased from 0.20 to 1 per cent.

In relief for retailers, five per cent additional ground coverage has been permitted in case of retail service industry. On the other hand, ground coverage for commercial buildings has been increased from 40 per cent to 45 per cent.

Also, those applying for building schools or care centres for the disabled or mentally challenged, orphanage and old-age homes will not have to pay any scrutiny fees for plan approval.

In a move that would encourage builders to go eco-friendly, the state will also provide additional five per cent free of charge FAR to builders if they are able to produce a green building certificate. Such developers would also not have to pay any scrutiny fee for building plans approvals. Residential, educational, government, hospital, commercial buildings and group housing complexes will also have to mandatorily install rooftop solar photovoltaic for electricity generation.

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Last Updated: Mon Jun 18 2018

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