Noida Developers Fined for Flouting Green Norms

Noida Developers Fined for Flouting Green Norms

Noida Developers Fined for Flouting Green Norms

The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) has come down heavily on developers of five projects as well as the Greater Noida Authority for violating the environment norms. It has imposed a fine of Rs 25 lakh on the defaulters in the last three days. Since Monday, the UPPCB officials have been on a spree performing random checks at various sites in Greater Noida. The board, in a written notice to the city magistrate, has informed that it has imposed fines on the Greater Noida Authority as well as residential projects of India Group, Royal Nest, Grand Avenue, Bulland Elevates and a commercial project of J Sqaure.

But, this is nothing new, for those who track real estate news closely. The authorities have, in many instances earlier, fined dozens of developers for flouting the norms set by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). Many developers, whether in Noida or Bangalore, often find themselves struggling to strike a balance with the environmental regulations and fulfilling their delivery commitments.

What irks the UPPCB?

The Greater Noida Authority has been found to keep construction materials in the open during construction of a drain. Thus, the UPPCB has slapped a fine of Rs 50,000 on the authority and Rs 5 lakh each on the developers for the same offence in their respective projects. The materials were left uncovered that has added to dust pollution levels of the city, which is not in compliance with the NGT rules. As per the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) guidelines, it is mandatory to put sheets over the construction materials, sprinkle water on dust as well as transport materials in closed vehicles or other suitable means.

Protests from Greater Noida residents

Many pockets of Greater Noida present a deplorable picture of a polluted neighbourhood with garbage lying untended, and broken roads and sidewalks. The residents have issued a complaint that no action has been taken despite their meeting with the UP excise and prohibition minister, Jai Pratap Singh, on April 6. Moreover, dangerous roundabouts with lack of crossing signals, foot-over-bridges and messy parks have put the lives of the citizens to grave risks. Poor maintenance of the green areas, due to no watering or pruning work, have diminished the beauty of the city. Most of these spots are used for dumping garbage or dry leaves, which bothers many residents. The officials of Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) visited these areas and are going to take the necessary steps.

Last Updated: Mon Apr 16 2018

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