Mumbai Buildings Can Now Have Lifts Up To Terrace

Mumbai Buildings Can Now Have Lifts Up To Terrace

Mumbai Buildings Can Now Have Lifts Up To Terrace

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on November 20 decided to allow developers and housing societies to install lifts up to the terrace of a building.

"Currently, due to an ambiguity in the Development Control Rules (DCR), builders used to install lifts only up to the top floor. Now, the civic chief has given his consent to erect lift shaft up to the terrace," a senior official said.

"This will be applicable to all old and new buildings, and is permissible free of FSI (floor space index). If the builder or society wants an existing building to avail of the facility, he only needs to inform the building proposal department," the official said.

Activists have lauded this move which will especially benefit senior citizens, many of whom find it tough to access the terrace if there is no lift.

Chief Engineer of the Development Plan Department Sanjay Darade said: "In view of growing demand from people, the need for additional recreational area for residents, and to ensure optimum use of terrace, this decision has been taken by the Municipal Commissioner."

Advocate Dharmin Sampat, treasurer of Co-operative Societies Residents Users and Welfare Association, said, "Builders will have to give lift access up to the terrace now. When purchasing a flat, the buyer not only pays for the flat but also for the undivided right, title and interest in the common space of the society. Our association welcomes this move."

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Last Updated: Wed Nov 22 2017

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