Maharashtra To Issue Digitally Signed 7/12 Extract

Maharashtra To Issue Digitally Signed 7/12 Extract

Maharashtra To Issue Digitally Signed 7/12 Extract

With the Maharashtra government on May 1 launching the online service to provide 7/12 land record receipts, land owners in the state will be able to take printout of this crucial document, which will also bear digital signature. 

The 7/12 receipt is a crucial piece of document for the establishment of ownership of a piece of land. The extract is used by farmers for loan agreements, crop survey and for availing of government facilities.

While land records were available online already, they were in read-only format, not digitally signed and, hence could not be used for official purposes.

"The extensive demand for 7/12 receipts by farmers is for submitting them to some other government office or bank on demand. This used to delay the processing of the documents. With digital authentication of these documents, farmers will no longer have to visit the revenue officials or the government's Maha e-seva centres," Fadnavis said.

"This move will reduce the crowding in major government offices significantly, as farmers need not have to run from the pillar to post to get things done," the CM added said. So far, about Rs 90 crore has been spent on the project.

To access and download the document, the user could log on to the state government’s Mahabhulekh and Aaple Sarkar portals. Users can also access the document on their mobile through the Aaple Sarkar mobile application. Your 7/12 extract could also be accessed on DigiLocker, a national digital locker system launched by the Centre.

There are 2.49 crore 7/12 receipts in the state, of which 2.07 lakh receipts have been authenticated with the digital signature so far. All the receipts will get a digital authentication by August, say officials.

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Last Updated: Thu May 03 2018

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