Lok Sabha Passes Immovable Property (Amendment) Bill

Lok Sabha Passes Immovable Property (Amendment) Bill

Lok Sabha Passes Immovable Property (Amendment) Bill
The Lok Sabha gave its approval to the Afforestation Fund Bill in May this year.

A Bill to amend the regulations, governing compensation payable for acquisition of immovable property by the Centre for defence and security purposes, was passed by the Lok Sabha on December 20. The Immovable Property (Amendment) Bill, which was moved by Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, was adopted by a voice vote.

Replying to the debate on the Bill, Puri said the law had been amended 11 times before. "This is the 12th amendment, and the amendment has been brought for limited and specific purpose," the minister said.

The Bill seeks to amend a provision to allow the Centre to re-issue the notice of acquisition in order to ensure that the property's owner gets an opportunity to be heard.

"State has the obligation that relates to compensation. The states want to pay compensation which is fair and just compensation," the minister said.

Putting at rest the apprehensions of the members of the House, the minister said the compensation was meant for an interim period, and solely for the purpose of determining the date of compensation to be computed. According to the government, there could be situations resulting in prolonged litigations, and, if the apex court quashes the notice of acquisition, there might be astronomical raise in compensation amount on account of market value appreciation.

Against this backdrop, the Bill seeks to amend a section of the Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act to "enable the Central government to re-issue the notice of acquisition to the owner or such other person interested in the property, for the purpose of giving an opportunity of being heard".

Puri also clarified that the government had no intention to open up those cases where the compensation had already been provided.

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Last Updated: Wed Jan 03 2018

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