'Kolkata To Emerge As Major Financial Centre By 2030'

'Kolkata To Emerge As Major Financial Centre By 2030'

'Kolkata To Emerge As Major Financial Centre By 2030'

Kolkata is poised to emerge as a major financial centre by 2030, says a senior government official.

Quoting a study prepared by McKinsey Global Institute, Debasish Sen, additional chief secretary, information technology & electronics department of the West Bengal government, said Kolkata was one of the top Indian cities emerging as the epicentre of global financial activities by 2030.

"Kolkata is in an intrinsically advantageous position. If Mumbai is geographically close to New York and London, Kolkata is even closer to Singapore and Hong Kong ─the two international financial and business centres in Asia," Sen said at a Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) event on January 10.

Sen said that by virtue of its relative proximity to Singapore and Hong Kong, Kolkata stood a brighter chance to become a big IT hub.

"Not only do all IT majors have a big presence at Salt Lake Sector-V and Rajarhat New Town, the West Bengal government has come up with a centre of excellence in cyber security at New Town. The planned Innovation Hub at Bantala is also expected to be operational by the second half of 2019," Sen added.

The West Bengal government had also laid a special emphasis on developing a financial hub at Rajarhat New Town where as many as 23 financial institutions, including several insurance companies, had taken plots, Sen said. Seventeen acres had been earmarked for a fintech hub, Sen said, adding that harnessing technology in the best possible way tops the West Bengal government's priorities.

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Last Updated: Mon Jan 29 2018

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