NGT Slams States Over Their Failure To Stop Sewage Discharge In Ganga

NGT Slams States Over Their Failure To Stop Sewage Discharge In Ganga

NGT Slams States Over Their Failure To Stop Sewage Discharge In Ganga

Coming down heavily on the authorities over their failure to stop sewage flow in the Ganga, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has directed them to complete all projects relating to sewage treatment by June 30, 2020. While directing the National Mission for Clean Ganga and the Uttarakhand, UP, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal governments to prevent discharge of industrial effluent in the Ganga and its tributaries, the tribunal also ordered authorities to stop encroachments there. The progress of these projects will have to be monitored by a committee set up for the purpose.

Govt Gets Commitments Worth Rs 1,500 Cr For Clean Ganga Project

Road and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that the Centre has garnered commitments worth Rs 1,500 crore from international and domestic companies, and industrialists for cleaning of the Ganga.

"I was in London last week to kick off a roadshow to promote the (Ganga rejuvenation) project. We have got commitments worth Rs 1,000 crore from various institutions and the UK-based business community," the minister, who also has the charge of Ganga rejuvenation, said. "In addition, we have commitments worth Rs 500 crore from the domestic industry," he said.

The minister said that the riverfront regeneration and development of ghats in Patna, Kanpur, Haridwar and Kolkata had been taken up by leading industrialists from the UK.

The Centre estimated the cost of the entire project to run up to Rs 20,000 crore, the minister said.

So far, around 97 projects have had been announced of which about 55 had been initiated, Gadkari said. About 15 of these are under the public-private partnership model under which operations will be maintained by the private sector.

"We will float tenders for the remaining projects, and plan to get them all underway by March 2018," he said.

On the development of over 4,500 villages and towns along the Ganga, Gadkari said the government was working on an integrated development project of these villages.

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