Delhi To Re-Develop Websites, Provide Hindi Content

Delhi To Re-Develop Websites, Provide Hindi Content

Delhi To Re-Develop Websites, Provide Hindi Content

Digital India might be the oft-used word in official vocabulary these days, but, finding information on government websites is nothing less than a tiresome exercise. More than often, the “Search” button on the website would seem like serving only an ornamental purpose. A user must visit page after page before he is able to get the information he is seeking. This fails the entire purpose of fast and hassle-free delivery of public services.

But that is not the only issue a user faces; language is also a concern. For India’s ageing population that is making an extremely slow transition from the still-in-play paper-heavy documentation process to the yet-to-be-effective paper-less transactions, language impediments make the task even more challenging.

If, say, Delhi-based Ram Kumar who is in his late 60s is able to learn the tricks of the internet, he will also have to be proficient in the English language to make use of the government websites since the content on these sites is mostly in English language. The same is true across states.

Since digital advancement has been a key focus area of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Centre had earlier issued on making government websites more citizen-centric and visitor-friendly. Among many things, the Centre had suggested that government websites be made multi-lingual.

National capital Delhi has been the first one to pay attention. Working on the Central diktat, the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government has decided to re-develop the websites of all its 180 departments to make them use-friendly. As part of the plan, secretaries and principal secretaries of all departments will nominate a nodal officer for coordination with the state’s information technology department to re-develop the websites.

Now, all the departments will also have to provide Hindi content on their websites – a large part of Delhi’s population is Hindi-speaking people. As it stands today, most of the departments' websites have content in English.

At this juncture, it is worth mentioning here that the Delhi Development Authority website is among the most user-friendly government websites.

With inputs from Housing News 

Last Updated: Wed Feb 14 2018

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